What the encryption on Nengi’s thigh really means 

Did You Notice What Is Written On Nengi’s Thigh And Her Ankle? A lot of fans including my self have been curious about  tattoos on the body of the season five Big Brother housemates  right from the reality television show.


Most of the Big Brother ex housemate all may just have some random tattoos that really may not have any serious meaning . But I never noticed any on Nengi thorough out the show, untill recently when we all were opportuned to see the encryption on her thighs.


What the encryption on Nengi's thigh really means 
What the encryption on Nengi’s thigh really means

There are parts of her body that are exposed in many of her Pictures and as such, some things are easily seen; part of which are her thigh and her ankle. From different pictures that she has posted, we’d realize that something is written on her thigh, and then, on her ankle, but as much as some people would’ve seen it, yet, many haven’t really paid enough attention to it.



She just posted a new picture recently and that part of her body is also seen, and one can clearly and closely see what was written.


If you look closely, you’d realize that what was written isn’t in English Language, and in fact, one cannot determine the language with which she wrote it. For those who study “Language or Linguistics,” they might be able to determine the language with which it is written, and consequently, its meaning.


But from one’s little knowledge, it looks almost like Greek, and then, even if it’s Greek, what is the meaning? Similarly, on her ankle she wrote a year, and after 2 or 3 pictures were checked, it appears that means  “1998” that she inscribed on her ankle, and of course this got many fans wondering what that year might stand for it mean to Nengi? Could it be her date of Birth? A special day to her? Or any other thing?



These things were noticed through observation, but then, there are no answers to the questions. But then, have you ever noticed these things about her? Of course, no tattoo has been spotted on Nengi’s skin, but these inscriptions are what she has on her body, yet, she has never mentioned why she has them on her body before, and none of her fans has asked before; but could it be they have never noticed it? Thus, see these pictures below and pay attention to her ankle:


A Zoomed version of the same photo has been provided … From this you can read clearly what is written on her thigh, reply in the comment section below to let us know what you know maybe the meaning in case it’s readable in another language

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