When a Girl calls you Dude & How to Respond

When a Girl calls you Dude & How to Respond

You’ve been chatting or texting with a girl and she suddenly calls you “dude.” What does it mean? Were you just friend-zoned or is there still a chance? There are a lot of reasons why a girl might call you “dude.” It might mean she views you as a friend, or it may mean that she’s really comfortable around you. It could even be her way of checking if you’re into her! For a run-down of all the possible reasons why a girl might called you “dude,” keep reading.


Notice who else she calls “dude.” Some girls just use “dude” as part of their regular vocabulary.


“Dude” could be a subtle way of letting you know that she just sees you as a friend.


On the other hand, if she is flirty with you in other ways, “dude” could also mean that she is into you and is testing the waters to see how you’ll react.


“Dude” might just be part of her normal vocabulary. Listen to how she chats with other people she reaches out to. If she refers to everyone as “dude,” then there’s nothing to worry about when she says it to you. The word “dude” doesn’t have a deeper meaning to her and it just slips into her conversations.

Feel free to call her “dude” too whenever you want since it’s a nickname she commonly uses anyway.


She may use “dude” to let you know she just wants to stay friends. A girl calling you “dude” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the friend zone, but it could be a sign she doesn’t want anything romantic. Pay close attention to if she calls other people “dude” or if it’s just you. If it’s just you she says it to, then she may be trying to politely point out she’s not interested.

Look for other signs that you’re in the friend zone too. For example, if she only hangs out with you in a group or if she doesn’t open up to you, it might signal she just wants to stay friends.

If you want to get out of the friend zone, avoid calling her “dude” back. It might make her think that you only like her as a friend too.


A girl might call you “dude” if she’s protective of you. If a girl cares about you, she may call you “dude” to let you know she has your back. Notice if she calls you “dude” when you’re feeling down or upset since she may be using it as a term to let you know she’s there to support you. It normally means that she doesn’t see you in a romantic way and would prefer to stay friends.

She may also call you “bro” or “brother” if she views you more like family.


“Dude” could be a term she only uses with people she trusts. If she tells you all of her secrets or asks you for your advice, she’s probably using “dude” in an endearing way. She’s probably letting you know that she wants a platonic relationship with you, but there’s still a chance that it could develop into something more.

If you’re feeling confused about her feelings, be straightforward and ask what she meant when she called you dude. You could say something like, “When you call me ‘dude,’ what do you mean by it?”


She might not feel ready to rush into a relationship. The girl may not know exactly how she feels right now, so she’ll call you “dude” to stay a little distant. There’s a potential for you to develop into something more, but she wants to get to know you better and take her time before she thinks about you romantically.

Stay friendly and a little flirty when you’re talking with her, but try to avoid coming off too strong since it could push her away.


She could be too shy to talk about how she really feels. It sounds a little confusing, but a girl may call you “dude” because she’s crushing on you. She might be trying to throw you off because she’s worried about being rejected if you found out her true feelings. It might be a good time to try flirting subtly to let her know you feel a similar way.
If you’re not sure about how she feels, look for other signs she likes you. She might make eye contact, play with her hair, or try to make extra time to see you.


A girl may use “dude” as a playful tease to flirt with you. There’s a chance that the girl doesn’t want to ruin your friendship by making the first move, so she calls you “dude”. That means you may have a shot! She could just be waiting until you show her that you’re interested and make your move.

If you want to ask a girl out when you’re friends, be open with how you’re feeling. Try something like, “Hey, I know we’re friends, but I think we could be something more. Would you want to go out on a date sometime?”


“Dude” might slip out if she’s exasperated. If you’ve gotten into a fight or did something to make her mad, “dude” may be a signal that she’s still feeling sour about it. Listen to her tone when she calls you “dude” and think if there’s anything that you might have done to make her upset. If you can think of a reason, then it’s probably why she started saying it.

She might use “dude” as a reaction right away when something makes her mad. She could say or text something like, “Dude, seriously?” right when her mood shifts.

Reach out and ask if she’s mad about anything and what you can do to help. Hopefully, you can get some clarity and apologize if you need to.


She could call you “dude” to let you know she’s into another person. Has she been spending less time with you and more time with other people? She might even be crushing on someone you’re close to and she sees you as a mutual connection. We know it probably hurts to see your crush moving on, but the best thing you can do is move on too.
You can ask her directly if there’s anybody else she likes. If you were already good friends, she might say something to you so your feelings don’t get hurt later on.



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