When a Woman Cheats, not same as when a Man Cheats

I heard women do cheat, well… It is often not a normal habit of women to cheat. A woman will cheat for several reason all piled up together to just one reason.


A typical example, a woman can cheat because her husband didn’t come home yesterday; her husband came home but refused to cuddle her; her husband cuddled her but didn’t do it for a long time.

But we can all sum it up to lack of attention – whether it is lack of enough of attention or lack of attention.


A woman doesn’t wake up and cheat for a single reason, except some very few who find cheating interesting like a game of tango, two they say can play .

When a Woman Cheats, not same as when a Man Cheats

A man can love another but cheat, and directly. Let me ask what is cheating!?

There are different ways a person can cheat, but we often prioritize sex. Either man or woman, cheating is a predicted thought but somehow the society has made cheating so easy for men, that they may end up not thinking before cheating. Never will a woman cheat without planning and precisely cutting out how she is never going to get caught.

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I will love to say ‘A woman will cheat more intelligently than a man would’. This is because society has made cheating a random thing that men can do but a huge topic to be discussed when women do them.

A woman can cheat for years without the husband knowing, but it is very rare that a man cheats for years and his woman does not know.


A woman’s instinct is strong when certain things like love, manipulation and cheating is involved. I know when someone is trying to manipulate me just like I feel it when someone is cheating. Naturally a woman is a giver of love, and most times women give love with their body. A woman will see her body as sacred that she may never even want to cheat with another except her lover, while for men, there body ain’t sacred and society has never even made it so.

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When a Woman Cheats, not same as when a Man Cheats
When a Woman Cheats, not same as when a Man Cheats

The society will convince you to raise your female child to be a virgin but will never apply the same energy to your male child. The female child is made to go through so much learning that ends up making them more intelligent in making decisions.


A woman can love two men at the same time and not even cheat against the person she decided to pick over the other but a man can never do this, because men are visual in their actions and retaliation while a woman is more audio in her actions and retaliation.

With this few points, I believe it will be an insult to say the way a woman cheat is same way as how a man cheat.


So Dear Blessing Akpanabassi, Infidelity is not as common and easy for Women as it is for Men.

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A woman will be highly meticulous if she decides to cheat that you may never catch her until things has gone way beyond remedy.



Badmus, is a writer and Food Scientist.

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