When all men rejected me, this man married me after three days

A lady called Joan Nyambura Kiarie gave her unique love story in an interview with Yvonne Kawira of Tuco. She narrated how her health problems and being disabled connected her with the man of her dreams.


Joan was not disabled when she was born but things changed after she contracted an illness that affected her joints and bones during adulthood. She had to quit her marketing job because she was too weak to work.

 At the hospital, she was misdiagnosed and told that she had rheumatoid arthritis. The medication she was given did more harm than good because her hands and legs started failing. Her blood had to be send to South Africa for more tests to be done and she was diagnosed with lupus and that was the correct disease she was suffering from.


She was given drugs which helped her start healing but her legs and hands were already disabled. She was stigmatised due to the fact that people looked at her differently and no man wanted to date her.

After sometime she decided to accept herself for who she is and started posting motivational content on YouTube and her Facebook page without knowing that there was a man named Dion De Kraker from Netherlands who always went through what she shared.


One day the man friend-requested Joan which she accepted and they started talking. She wanted to avoid him at first but after listening to his story she realised that they have both gone through so many challenges and they could be good friends to each other. Dion is also disabled because he has one leg.

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When all men rejected me, this man married me after three days

Since they have so much in common, they liked each other and on the third day after meeting on Facebook Dion proposed and Joan said “yes!”. They kept communicating and seeing each other online until Dion decided to move to Kenya.


They stayed together for some time then later on decided to have a church wedding. Joan is 55 years old and her Mzungu husband is 61. She narrated the story happily claiming that God is the one who brought Dion to her life because he is her companion, friend and he understands her better than any other person.

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