Women love conversations. In fact, the worst thing you can ever do to your wife is to make her feel lonely, single and ignored in marriage.

Make your wife enjoy talking with you.

  1. Create time to be with her, don’t let it get to the point where she has to beg you to be with her

  2. Have emotional conversations with her, listen. Do not be Mr. Facts all the time. Even you as a man have an emotional and vulnerable side, embrace it

  3. Ask her how her dreams and life goals are going. Most husbands expect the wife to help him achieve his dreams but have no idea about the dreams of the wife. Show concern and be supportive

  4. As much you can, come home early to her and the children. Don’t give her the exhausted you where she is trying to make a connection but you black out to sleep on the sofa. Don’t tip toe into the home late at night when she is asleep, she will feel ignored

  5. Use the bed, not just for sleeping and sex but also for intimate conversations: pillow talks.


  1. Give her eye contact when she is talking to you. Don’t let her compete with your phone or the television

  2. Don’t shout at her or intimidate her. A wife is not supposed to live in fear. You ought to be her safe spot

  3. Don’t belittle her conversations, ideas or feelings. If something is important to her, let it be important to you

  4. Randomly call her or text her, not to give her a task, but just because you thought of her

  5. Call her by a sweet name; “Hun”, “Love”, “Sherrie”… and don’t call any other woman by that name. A woman who is made to feel special enjoys to talk

  6. Know when it is time she just wants to be listened to and when she is in need of your advice. Discern. Sometimes she just wants to be heard.


  1. Start the day on a good note with her, tell her something like “Good morning Beautiful” and end the day on a good note, tell her something like “Good night Love”. How a woman starts and ends the day with her husband means a lot to her

  2. Touch her when you two are talking. Caress her, rub her hands, let her lay on your chest.. She will open up more and more, at home in your arms

  3. Flirt with her. In every woman there is a naughty side. Connect with her flirty self and you will reap the benefits

  4. Ask her open ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer. A woman is like a novel, she wants you to explore her by asking questions that show you are interested in her

  5. Apologise to her when you wrong her. A woman who loves you wants to quickly forgive you and go back to warmth with you, make it easy for her by saying “I am sorry”.


  1. Have a good laugh with her. Anyone a woman laughs with she grows close with

  2. Compliment her, tell her how beautiful she is and how great she is. Other people might tell her this but the one she wants to hear this from is you.


As you do this, as you water your wife, you will see her glow in your presence, you will fall in love over and over again, you will look at her and be proud of yourself because of how you love her. Making your wife smile should bring you pleasure like it did the days you freshly pursued her.

The man who loves his wife loves himself.



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