Which angel is more powerful, Lucifer or Michael?

Any Angel is a created being and is created for a purpose by God. There is only one true source of power and that is God. So any angel is as powerful as God allows and can be promoted or demoted or empowered for a purpose or a time.


Scripture tells us who and what Michael and Lucifer are;

MICHAEL an Archangel

Jude 9 Michael is an Archangel and rules other Angels. The Bible does not tell us if an Archangel is the same rank as a covering Cherub (Lucifer).


Revelation 12.7 and Daniel 10.13 The Scriptures show that Michael is skilled in warfare in the angelic realm and fights and commands either all or or many of the Heavenly Host against Satan and his fallen angels.


LUCIFER was a Covering Cherub.

Isiah 14:12 and Ezekiel 28:14 say God created all angels including Michael and Lucifer.

He made Lucifer the “son of the morning”. Lucifer, light bearer, to be the leader of the angels of heaven and the guardian of the throne of God Himself. He made him above all of the other creations in God’s created heaven and earth. Lucifer was a covering Cherub who hovered over the throne of God covering it with his wings. We see in Revelation that there are 4 of these Covering Cherub. Their position is clear. They are at the throne of God. Lucifer was created exceedingly wise and beautiful (diamonds and emeralds formed in his footsteps) Lucifer was found perfect in all His ways until iniquity was found in him.


So Lucifer was also great prince of Angels ruling over many of Gods angels. He became proud and attempted to usurp more power than he was given by God. In doing so he was effectively challenging God by pushing outside of his allotted boundaries.


We assume that he was recruiting angels to his throne that did not belong to him as he did and does on earth now. In doing so and getting away with it for a long time many angels were impressed by the fact that he seemed unstoppable. God was not stopping him and so it seemed God could not stop him and so angels went to him.


It was a rebellion in that they were attracted to where they perceived the power lay. Angels who were under Lucifer had a choice leave or stay. Those who stayed had made a choice for Lucifer over God and yet God did nothing about it. This encouraged Lucifer to keep expanding his principality and other angels to rebel.


You can see the loyal angels getting quite disheartened about this. Please God do something! But God is eternal and patient. He will never die cannot die. He has always existed and always will. He was not threatened by Lucifer but allowed all his angels to be tested by Lucifer.


Eventually God chose a time to act. Knowing God he waited until every angel was tempted by Lucifer’s power and magnificence and his promises and Gods seeming weakness and inaction.

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As soon as the last angel made their decision. Loyalty and love of God or rebellion then God did as he had always intended. He empowered and authorized Michael, another angelic prince as his champion and ordered him to take his angels and throw Lucifer and his angels out of Heaven and imprison them on earth. Michael and his angels did so.


Now God could have Himself done anything to the rebels at any time. His power is immeasurable. His waiting was confidence and an expression of power not weakness. He was never vulnerable. It was calculated. He wants angels and humans who love him. Not ones who are hanging around to just be on the winning side. He chose to use Michael and the loyal angels to act against the rebels as a reward to them for putting up with the uncertainty of the testing time.


We are informed that one third of the angels were cast out of Heaven and imprisoned on the earth. Lucifer was renamed Satan or Devil meaning Adversary and Accuser. His only power now is the “power to deceive.” The loyal angels were never going to lose that fight. They were more numerous but in any case they were acting by the authority and the power of the Almighty.


Satan and his angels do not rule Hell. Jesus rules hell and heaven and earth. Satan is the prince of this world. The people of earth. He went from prisoner on earth to ruler of men by convincing Adam via deception to rebel against God just as he had done with the angels in Heaven. In so doing he took Adams leadership of humans for himself.


What we have today and ever since is the same thing that played out in heaven. Satan via deception deceiving people that God is finished or never existed and then by default owning that person as his. God is not showing his power by might but by love. Those that seek God find Him and his Son who is the legal inheritor of all creation heaven and earth. People choose him or not. There will be a judgement day as there was in Heaven. There is no power that can stand against God, God the Father, God The Son and God the Holy Ghost. 3 persons, one God. All power, all judgment and all authority in Heaven , on Earth and under the Earth (Hades) was given by God the Father to His Son 2,000 years ago after his entry to the Earth, his obedience, His crucifixion and his resurrection.


Grahame Nicholson, former EX Australian Police Detective at NT POLICE (1987-2009)

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