Which God? (Understanding of the Creator)

Which God? (Understanding of the Creator)

Which God? — We have been so arrogant about our understanding of the Creator.


We call him God, with finality, without leaving any possibility of him being something else.


In our arrogance, with ignorance, we say, he’s God and no one has the right and liberty to call him anything else.

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Or, what else can he be, if not God?

Where did we meet and learn about this God that no one can call anything else without consequences?


Religion is the answer.


Religion is the most powerful tool that can turn the most intelligent person into fool.


Yes, religion is the shield, that can make human beings do the most cruel and inhuman thing without feeling any guilt.


In our mind, we are doing it for God.

Even when we are not sure about this God (who he is, where he lives and how he looks), we claim to be his children, servants or Prophets.


Do you really know who God is?

How he looks?

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Or where he lives?

Alright, let’s forget about this God. Let’s talk about you

Do you really know, who you are?

Where you came from?

Or where you are going?

You may believe what you want, but do you really know for sure?

If you don’t know you, where you came from or where you are going, how would you know the Creator?


We believe, and it gives us confidence that we are right


The only problem is that, believe gives us confidence, not clarity and confidence without clarity is a disaster.


We create disaster in the world and we are all in lockdown


I am the child of God, we declare.


No, God has no Child, I am the servant of God, we re-declare, with firm conclusion.

We never bother to ask, what if God has no Child nor Servant, what else would we be?


From being child and servant of God, we then claim to metamorphose, without any evidence, into his prophet and messenger.


God has called me, he sent me and I am delivering his message, we say.


But did God really call you?


You called yourself in his name?

Didn’t God create everybody by himself?

Why would he send someone else to anyone else?


We flock to religious places to serve God

In our mind, God is in those buildings, without which, he can’t be reached.


Even when we are required to stay away from those places for our own safety, we flout such directives in the name of God But

Which God, would ask you to die, just to serve him?


Which God, would you serve in other places, that you can’t serve at home?


Which God, would send someone else to you, when he can reach you directly?


Now that our religious places have been shutdown for weeks, with no congregation shouting praise the Lord or Allahu Akbar, it doesn’t seem like the Creator is missing our noise.


After all, we are the ones fooling us, not God, pushing us.


People of wisdom should now realize, that truly, God doesn’t need us.

He doesn’t need our Mosques and Churches, neither does he need our religion nor the legion.


All he needs, is our heart.


If we choose, never to return to men and buildings in search of God, our heart will naturally lead us to him.


And this is true, because since we shutdown our religious places, God is still who he is, the Creator, feeding us.



Abdulrazaq Hamzat, writes from Nigeria.

He can be reached at [email protected]

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