Who is more shameless? Bianca Ojukwu or Ebelechukwu Obiano?

Who is more shameless? Bianca Ojukwu or Ebelechukwu Obiano?

A so called Wife of Ojukwu who trolled APGA all through the electioneering and called Obiano names. She worked so hard for APGA to fail. She didn’t honor any invitation of the party at the trenches. She mocked and ridiculed the party and would unleash her online bingos against the first family. Despite all efforts to restrain her in a civil manner, she instead went off guard and plotted the last Burial of APGA.


Herself and others all sat back to see Willie Obiano put to shame and disgraced as the last Governor of APGA.


Osodieme then came through and pulled the strings and made Soludo and APGA possible.


She fought courageously at the trenches and would become so mighty behind the scene. She made sure APGA and her husband was not put to shame by the Jez;ebellic Bianca.


Today, Bianca had come to reap where she did not sow and even chorused the nkea bu nke anyi more than those who deployed all to win the battle.

Remind me again who a hypocrite is?


I agree, Osodieme could not hold back her emotions having gone through hellish trenches to halt the shame the likes of Bianca had planned for her husband and party. She is human with flaws who could not sit back and watch another take ownership of her efforts and hard work.


She is not a pretender, like the many of others. She was very intentional about he natural law, let those who sowed reap first.


I almost forgot that we are all hypocrite who are easily angered by the actions of others who are not like us. Hypocrites.


The hypocrisy of our society worries me so much.


This is not a society to be proud of and groom our children.


The hate for the former First Lady cannot make evil to be celebrated.


No great human has ever won the love and admiration of all. Osodieme won’t be an exception.


The noise from the herds is not the issue, but the reason. Many were fed lies.


Osodieme who was going round to wave and halloo guest at her last official function was brutally abused by a so called former Ambassador and wife of Igbo leader and people are celebrating.

The evil we all support today, will surely come back to haunt us.


Let it be on record that Osodieme was never the aggressor, instead the victim.


Her only offense was reminding Bianca Ojukwu what she wrote here in the media and widely shared by her media boys.


Yes, she said that Willie Obiano will be the last Governor of APGA and the party like the Titanic ship which people never believe would sink will eventually capsize.


She swore with the spirit of her late husband never to attend APGA functions and that Soludo, Obiano would be disgraced.


All she had predicted never happened, instead, APGA had unprecedented victory.


Today, she shamelessly came to reap were she didn’t sow, and the woman who kept vigil to ensure the unprecedented victory only went to greet and remind her of her shortcomings for her to embark on deep introspection and soul searching to avail her do better going further in life.


She yet again, allowed her uncouthness take hold of her and she not only abused Dim Ojukwu but the entire Igbo race by razing a hand against the wife of our former Governor, Dr. Willie Obiano.


Yes, Osodieme reacted to being assaulted.


But the fact remains that Bianca Ojukwu pulled the first string and assaulted Dr. Ebelechukwu OBIANO.


It’s painful the amount of hypocrisy in our society.



Ezemuo jnr

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