Anambra APC Youths not satisfied with Gubernatorial Election

Ovie Omo Agege didn’t deceived or betray Ogboru or APC,   we are not surprised about the judgement.As they use to say that as you lay your bed so you sleep on it.Ogboru deceived and betrayed Senator Ovie Omo Agege and also betrayed himself before and during the last general election elections.


When Ogboru embrace Formal Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan and push Ovie aside because Uduaghan promised him(Great Ovedje Ogboru) that he will sponsor half of his campaign funds. Now where is Emmanuel Uduaghan? This is a question you people supposed to ask not Agege.


The little disagreement between Agege and Ogboru before the election was because of Uduaghan. Because all the plan’s Agege and Ogboru has concerning the winning strategy were disorganized by Emmanuel Uduaghan. Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan was sent to disorganize the winning plan of APC,Agege tried his best by projecting popular candidates that can win election in different areas and LGAs in Delta State but were shortchange by Ogboru and Uduaghan.


Who is Ossai Abey the deputy governorship candidate to Ogboru in Ndokwa politics,talk less of Delta State in general. Ogboru lost Ndokwa nation vote due to the choice of his deputy. A lesson for Ogboru, you can’t compensate a loyalist with an elective position. Because even people that love you and want to support and vote for you will take because of your deputy to back down. while in the same way if you have a good and well acceptable running mate,even your enemy will take because of your deputy to support and vote you in.


This is where Ogboru got it all wrong in the last election. When Ogboru submitted Ossai Abey name as his running mate, it’s only few of us that knew about it,I pick up my phone and sent Ogboru a text message concerning his choice of deputy that in Ndokwa nation with Ossai Abey as his deputy, APC is going no where. Ossai Abey can’t win his unit not to talk of his Ward and LGA that he(Ogboru) should pick a better running mate to make the campaign easier for APC faithfuls in the upcoming elections because it is impossible to market Ossai Abey,the reply I got from Ogboru was that( “That is your own opinion”)i feel so sad because he has already made up his mind about the deputy,but at the end that was exactly what happened,Ogboru running mate could not win his unit, Ward and LGA in all the electoral position in 2019 general election .And it didn’t only happened in the deputy position, both in the Senate, Rep and state House of assemblies.


For example, in Ndokwa West the house of assembly candidate is never known to APC LGA excos and Ward excos and leaders even till the general election. Oguna the house of assembly candidate in Ndokwa West was a member of PDP before he defect to APC two weeks before state assembly primary and his defection was never known to APC Ndokwa West faithfuls and excos from LGA to the Ward level. Oguna started his assembly consultation with PDP, because he can’t match any of the aspirants in PDP He has to cross to APC, because Oguna is the APC gubernatorial candidate son in-law, he was given Ndokwa West APC HOA ticket to contest for the position.


Mean while APC Ndokwa West has a lot of young aspirants in the LGA that has been in the party and sponsoring the party till the ticket was given to a stranger that was never known in his own Ward10 talk less of the entire Ndokwa West.Joseph Oguna never consulted any APC leaders LGA excos and Ward excos.And the most painful part of it all was that he(Joseph Oguna) didn’t campaign in any of the Wards in Ndokwa West,how can APC win.


Let’s forget about the supreme Court judgement and the blame game so that we can rebuild our party to take over Delta State in 2023,God bless you all.


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