It is no more news that the Wike’s group and Ayu’s group are both on the opposing side within the party, PDP. Like our elders would say, “when two animals engage in a tough fight, the grass would suffer”.

Because of my love for the success of the party, I will not be mute until this issue is resolved amicably so that we can go into the election with full force to send packing the lacklustre party currently in government called APC.


Below are the comments of the PDP supporters from both groups who called me and bared their minds to me. I wish to adopt these views to admonish both parties to shield their swords immediately. Read on:

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“Good day Sunday. I read your Facebook post on the call for Ayu’s resignation. I didn’t want to comment but call to discuss with you on subject matter. As you can see from the comment of Bode George with this link to a story in the Vanguard, overwhelming majority of those demanding Ayu’s resignation like Bode George are saboteurs out to scuttle Atiku’s presidential bid. The call for the resignation of Ayu is part of the ploy to perpetuate crisis and make sure the party will not be in position to prosecute the presidential campaign.”


“I doubt if those guys genuinely want peace. They have been discussing alliance with the opposition. One of Bode George’s henchmen recently returned to Tinubu’s fold.


Governor Buni of Yobe from the same North with President Buhari held sway as defacto APC chairman for over a year following the removal of Comrade Oshiomhole from the South .. Heavens didnt fall! It shoulld be evident now that Wike and his allies are not interested in partaking in Atiku’s campaign .. The demand for Ayu’s resignation is a redhering ..they already have alternative agenda to pursue but only using Ayu as excuses, a linchpin for their ultimate plan.” That was the statement from a protagonist of Dr Iyochia Ayu.

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The statement below is from Governor Nyesom Wike’s supporter. Read on:

“If we are bold to criticise Buhari for lopsided appointments and Tinubu for Muslim-Muslim ticket, why are we afraid of criticising PDP for breeching the zoning formula and keeping the key positions in the North? Are the rules different for PDP? Equally, we should not complain if anyone chooses same tribe ticket now. Wike has good reason to fight. PDP must do the needful. Ayu had no reason to embrace Tambuwal at the Presidential primaries, calling him a hero. What is bad in APC is bad in PDP. Simple.”


With the adopted statements from the supporters of both camps above, I humbly urge Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the PDP to do what he can do to resolve the lingering crisis as soon as possible.

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I need to tell Alhaji Atiku that this is a rare opportunity for him to win this election. He should remember that ever since he started to contest election since 1993, he has never had this kind of clear chance to win. And if he decides to allow this opportunity to pass him by by grandstanding, he may not have such opportunity again. I doubt if he can contest another election again if he allows this opportunity to elude him.


I also use this medium to prevail on both sides to concede for each other for the goodness the party and betterment of the suffering masses who are facing untoward hardship under this current incompetent party called APC. Please, don’t destroy the ladder that took you up so that others can climb it to get up too.

Thank you all.

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Sunday Menukuro Adewale, writes from his Badagry beach.

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