Why Gov. Udom Emmanuel should not go for Second Term. (He Lied)

Why Gov. Udom Emmanuel should not go for Second Term. (He Lied)
Gov. Udom Emmanuel
Udom Emmanuel To Seek Reelection Based On A Record Of Lies
Gov. Udom Emmanuel declares his candidacy for reelection as governor of Akwa Ibom State. Akwa Ibomites expect Udom Emmanuel’s declaration to premise upon his three and a half years performance record only.

Udom Emmanuel, for once, should show political maturity and accept responsibility for his poor leadership. Let his declaration as candidate for reelection be without any bashing, blaming or drawing of political resource from Sen. Godswill Akpabio.


Many Akwa Ibomites believe that Udom Emmanuel should rather resign from office instead of declaring to seek reelection. They see and know Udom Emmanuel as the poster person for clueless and failing leadership because he habitually lies to the people.
Udom Emmanuel’s performance record that we see and know show the following:
1. About implementing a statewide industrialization policy, he lied.
2. About the rice farm and food sufficiency in Akwa Ibom State, he lied.
3. About the about the Fertilizer Blending Plant (after a whopping $5 million State guaranteed loan), he lied.
4. About importing biomedical equipment (actually most are donated, used and unserviceable) for General Hospitals, he lied.
5. About conducting the first and successful brain surgery operation at Ibom Specialist Hospital (leading to death of a prominent Ibibio son), he lied
6. About the promise to prosecute indicted persons (especially Akan Weeks and some UCCDA officials) for the Reigners Bible Church tragedy, he lied.
7. About the payment of gratuities and pensions (especially primary school teachers and retired folks), he lied.
8. About the relocation of ExxonMobil to a 21 storey building, he lied.
9. About inheriting and paying off a huge debt profile, he lied.

10. About the rehabilitation and viability of Peacock Paint factory, he lied.
11. About the Pencil and Toothpick factory (having bought wrong and incomplete machines), he lied.
12. About the International Worship Center (being a people funded project), he lied.
13. About establishing large scale Tomato farms and other agricultural project, he lied
14. About establishing the Uruan Cattle ranch, he lied.
15. About establishing the Armoured Vehicles Assembly plant in Itu, he lied.
16. About establishing a mega petroleum refinery project, he lied.
17. About the construction of 1,700 km of road, he lied.
18. About tuition intervention for poor students in UNIUYO and other tertiary education institutions, he lied.
19. About the construction of second runway at the Akwa Ibom International Airport, he lied.
20. About the rehabilitation of public schools and payment of WAEC fees, he lied.
21. About jobs creation for Akwa Ibom youths, he lied.
22 About the Jubilee Syringe factory as a FDI (foreign partner is actually a small sized construction company in Turkey), he lied.
23. About not deliberately abandoning or destroying the Four Points Sheraton and all other Akpabio legacies, he lied.
24. About completion of Ibaka Deep Seaport in 2018, he lied.
25. About the coconut refinery and plantation (planted seedlings are withering and dying), he lied.

26. About remodeling the Akwa Ibom State Lodge in Lagos (to be used for receiving foreign investors), he lied.


With the above and many more line item lies as his performance record, Udom Emmanuel should have no thought or nerve to seek reelection. Any person who supports the Udom Emmanuel government is, by association, guilty of lying.
Clement Ikpatt
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