Why Harris Chuma must tender a Public Apology

Why Harris Chuma must tender a Public Apology

Evang Chinedu Obigwe of APGA Media Warriors Forum have given reasons why Harris Chuma must tender a public apology.


Read his reasons below –

“Harris Chuma must tender a public apology or he will continue wallowing in self inflicted curse.

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The truth that the confused political moron called Harris Chuma cannot run away from is that he is under a divine curse.


Anybody that want him to be free of this curse must advise him to tender a public apology to Rev Fr Obimma popularly known as Ebube Muo nso.


The lunatic Harris Chuma is obviously not happy that Governor Obiano ignored his foolish call for the arrest of Ebube Muo nso on the basis of the concocted tissue of lies that Ebube Muo nso is flouting COVID-19 rules and regulations hence the reason why he is blackmailing him.

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An adage says that ‘when a prodigal Son lifts his Father up, that the things under the legs of his Father will blind his eyes ‘ and that is exactly what is happening to Harris Chuma for insulting Ebube Muo nso and wishing such an anointed man of God evil.


The last thing I will do is to shy away from saying the truth.


The mere fact that Harris Chuma is putting on cloth did not make him a sane man because all his actions since after insulting Ebube Muo nso is pointing to the direction of a mad man.

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Today is not the first day we are seeing mad people that are still wearing their cloth.


What is remaining is for Harris Chuma lunacy to enter Oye Olisa market.


Joke apart, no reasonable person in Anambra State will call for the arrest of Ebube Muo nso and the first person to do that is Harris Chuma.

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Calling for the arrest of Ebube Muo nso is a political joke taken too far and the consequence that he is facing for that ill conceived action is the divine curse that he brought upon himself.


Harris Chuma is wallowing in self inflicted curse.


I repeat again, Harris Chuma must apologise to Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma for levelling unfounded allegations against him and calling for his arrest.


Daalu nu.”

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