Why I banned my Father-In-Law from seeing my Baby

A woman has gone viral online after revealing that she’s banned her father-in-law from seeing her baby after he did a paternity test on the child without her knowledge.


Relationships with in-laws can be tricky, especially if you’ve separated from your partner. But one woman has shared how her ex’s father has never liked her and things have now reached an all-time low, as she’s been forced to stop him from seeing his grandchild.


In a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the unnamed woman from the US explained how she’d been seeing her partner for six years.

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She claimed they broke up around 18 months ago when her mum got sick and she had to go back home to help take care of her.


However, they got closer once more and rekindled their physical relationship while she was away and the woman, 28, ended up pregnant, MIRROR reports.

In the post, she goes on to say that her father-in-law has never liked her due to the way she “dresses and expresses herself”.

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She writes: “When he found out about my pregnancy he told my boyfriend right in front of me that this wasn’t his baby, he kept insisting with that until eventually, he started to tell other people, neighbours, friends, co-workers, even strangers, that ‘I fooled his son’ and that he was gonna raise another man’s ‘little s**t’.


“Obviously my boyfriend never believed that and neither did his mom or his brother, but his sister started to doubt, my FIL demanded a DNA test but my boyfriend and I said no.


“He kept pestering us until my son was born, he didn’t liked him at first of course, until one day he came all happy about ‘his boy’ about ‘his pride and baby’ and he, very confidently, told my boyfriend that he had him tested and that he was, indeed, his grandson.

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Why I banned my Father-In-Law from seeing my Baby
Why I banned my Father-In-Law from seeing my Baby

“I kicked him out as soon as that came out of his mouth and when my SIL tried to defend him, I kicked her out too.”


The mum added that she has since told her father-in-law that he’s not allowed to see the baby until they say otherwise – and the sister isn’t allowed to either unless she apologises.

Her father-in-law is now demanding to see the child so she’s turned to Reddit to ask people if she’s in the wrong for keeping them apart.


Dozens of people have since responded to the post, with many agreeing she’d done nothing wrong.

One person said: “He PATERNITY TESTED YOUR CHILD WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. That’s a violation of you and your family and your relationship and your ability to feel safe with other people around your kid.”

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Another wrote: “There is also the potential fallout from a private company having your son’s genetic information without your or his consent. You have no idea which company he used or their privacy agreements. This could have consequences beyond the current invasion of privacy and ignoring parental rights.

“FIL should be providing a true apology along with the paperwork for the test so you can contact them, explain the situation and get the genetic material destroyed.”


A third replied: “FIL was already an extremely toxic individual, even before having a DNA test without consent. If the SIL rationalizes his behaviour, she’s clearly the same type of person. The DNA test is just the straw that broke the camels back in this situation. If it wasn’t this, he would have done something else. Also, SIL would have rationalized that as well. You have every right to keep your family safe from toxic individuals.”

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