Why I Bath Almost Every Hour – Makhadzi

Multi-award winning singer Makhadzi has got social media talking after she revealed that she bathes almost every hour.


This all started when Makhadzi tasked her followers to ask her man (we all presume she was referring to Master KG) to buy her Mavoda body lotion on Valentines Day.

Can you please ask my man to buy me MAVODA BODY LOTION on VALENTINES DAY 😢🥰🥰🥰, she wrote.


Judging from Makhadzi’s Facebook post, her valentine’s day came a bit too early as Master KG bought her a couple of Movoda skincare products just as requested.


Taking to Facebook, Makhadzi thanked her followers for passing on the message. She, however, claimed that she wanted 5 more Mavoda lotions. Makhadzi went on to also reveal that she bathes almost every hour.

Thanks for sending a message.
BUT TELL HIM THAT AS A PERFORMER I WANT 5more of MAVODA LOTION cz I bath almost every hour ….But jealous down today I am smelling good😊 🥰🥰🥰🥰


Her bathing routine lowkey explains why she has been glowing. Off late Makhadzi has been slaying left, right and centre. Every chance she gets has been wowing Mzansi with her glamourous new looks.

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Why I Bath Almost Every Hour - Makhadzi
Why I Bath Almost Every Hour – Makhadzi

However, the part where Makhadzi said she bathes ‘almost every hour’ left many feeling skeptical. They think it was just a marketing stunt. She is rumoured to be a brand ambassador for Mavoda.


A facebook user, Bella Mogano said,

How come you bath almost every hour there’s no such,we know that when you dancing you are doing high jump, Mara bath almost every hour o maaka makhadzi

Rotshidzwa Ramavhuya

As for “I bath almost every hour “😒😒
Ronald Sabelo Phetla

I’m not sure abt bathing every hour u struggle just to bath twice a day just imagine wena bath every hour🙆‍♂️😂😂😂


Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, known by her stage name Makhadzi, is a South African singer. Born and raised in Ha-Mashamba, Limpopo, she is best known for her songs “Tshanda Vhuya” and “Matorokisi”

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