Why I Cheated On My Wife With Our Househelp – Man Narrates

A man has narrated how he betrayed his wife by cheating with their maid.


According to the man identified as Victor, after getting married to his wife and they had their first child, the wife’s behaviour changed, she became sluggish, which pushed him to do what he’s not supposed to.


While narrating the story on live TV, Victor claimed that everything changed immediately after his wife gave birth and that he would sometimes return from work to find his wife sleeping on the sofa, even though she had not cooked any meals for the family.

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He went on to state that he’s always the one cooking in the kitchen while his wife would be sleeping.



According to him, he never liked the idea to hire a housekeeper, but the wife did. Despite his wife’s disapproval, Victor started meeting their cleaner in secret.


He further said that a faithful day they had both left their home for work, but Victor pretended to forget his keys at home and returned to the house.

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Olivia, his wife, became worried and decided to return to check on her husband, surprisedly when she returned to the house she caught her husband and the housekeeper doing the deed in their marital bed, immediately she packed her belongings and left house.


Despite Victor’s pleadings for forgiveness, the wife refused to forgive him because the experience is still fresh in her mind and she thinks she should be alone than stay with Victor anymore.

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