Why I don’t shave my armpit – Lady

Why I don’t shave my armpit – Lady

A lady on Twitter  have shared some reasons why she doesn’t engage in painful hygiene habits like shaving her underarm hair.


“Most women can relate to the discomfort it is to have to submit to beauty standards. When society tells you that your natural self is dirty, disgusting, not good enough and that to be accepted you have to submit to grooming rituals that can be discomforting, painful or expensive.”


I’m not yet where I want to be when it comes to rejecting beauty standards but I’m slowly getting there. I’ve been able to deconstruct myself on many aspects but the pressure to be “beautiful” still a little bit there.”

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The habit of leaving the hair on your armpits has been gathering momentum in the western world, especially when Pretty Woman star, Julia Roberts was photographed with her armpits hair showing.

Why I don’t shave my armpit – Lady
Why I don’t shave my armpit – Lady

Many people believe that it is an unreasonable societal standard and that women should be allowed to be free to be their natural selves.


However, dirt in the underarms can cause bacteria to build up and inadvertently body odour. On the other hand, shaving can also cause bumps and wounds.

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At the end of the day, it is her personal decision (as long as she keeps it as clean as possible), even though people online didn’t take the information lightly.

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