Why Investors Prefer Govt Allocation to Private Land Acquisition

Why do Investors Prefer Govt Allocation to Private Land Acquisition

  1. It’s a matter of Costs. Govt Leases Land for Land Allocation whilst Investors incur great Costs buying Land from Private Sector state Astronomical costs. With Leased Land Investors can Devote the Bulk of their funds to Production, Processing & Distribution Costs providing Competitive, Cheaper Prices to the End Consumer.


  1. Most Private Land is not Registered & is Bought without Proper Title and or CofO so the Security of ones Investment is always at Risk. It is assumed Leasing Govt Land Provides more Security, Certainty and such Lands are Registered with Valid CofO


  1. There is also the Risk of paying 2, 3 or 4 times for the same land due to Inevitable Communal & or Family Fueds making the whole affair of Purchasing Agric Land a Very Expensive affair many Investors losing all their Investments.


  1. The Risk of Illegal Encroachment is more Prevelant on Private land purchases.

For Example I agreed terms to make use of a 30 Hectare site in Itori with CofO due to Ogun states Failure to Provide me Access to an Allocation in Ajebo which I paid for since Feb 2017.

It has come to my attention that Relatives of the Initial Land seller have Illegally Encroched on the land, selling the land to Unsuspecting Investors who have commenced Building a Housing Estate.

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Now the Person who owns the Land will be Embroiled in the Courts & our Judas-iary Open to the Highest Bidder like Judas for Years before he gets Redolution.


In the light of these facts why will any Serious Diaspora Investor Invest in Ogun state.

Who loses out if not the People of Ogun state and the State Govt. Is it not time for Ogun state Govt to sort out its Land Allocation Process and ensure all those who have paid for Land Allocation to the State Govt are given Access to their Lands so they can commence Farming.

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What are your thoughts. I will like to hear from you if you have experienced similar Circumstances or have paid Ogun state for Land Allocation with out any Result.


Femi Oke

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