Why Lagos committee on Motor Park is illegal

The composition of Lagos committee on motor park is illegal, null and void.


  1. The Lagos State Parking Authority Law provides for a chairman and 6 other members of the Authority. There is no provision for a 25-member Authority.

  2. The position of a liaison officer is unknown to the law.

  3. The Authority does not have an Executive Chairman.

  4. However, section 12 of the Law provides for a General Manager who shall be the Chief Executive Officer and will be responsible for the general administration of the Authority and the transaction of its day to day business.

  5. The above is the stand of the law in Act passed in the Lagos State House of Assembly and signed by the Governor, now such act of Parliament has been trampled on by the Governor in flagrant disobedience to the law and variance to it’s provision therein.

  6. The government of Lagos State goofed in the composition of 25 members committee

  7. Lagos State government has to reverse herself and follow the law that the Governor signed.

  8. Anything to the contrary will receive nothing but prolong litigation and crisis.

  9. Citizens of Lagos State can’t fold hands and let illegality take foothold in Lagos, the state of excellence.

  10. Lagos State House of Assembly should call Mr Governor to order or amend the Law.


Comrade Adeola Samuel

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