Why Mummy G.O should be Arrested – Jemima Osunde

Why Mummy G.O should be Arrested - Jemima Osunde

Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde has jokingly called for the arrest of controversial evangelist and founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God (RAPEC), Pastor Funmilayo Adebayo known as Mummy G.O.


This comes after popular Instagram comedian, Maraji mimicked one of the Evangelist’s hell fire sermons where she declared the wrath of God on anyone who violates not only the scriptural rules but also her alleged self-made rules.

Why Mummy G.O should be Arrested - Jemima Osunde

In the skit, Maraji was pictured lip-syncing one of Mummy G.O’s messages where she condemning the dressing of award-winning singer, Tiwa Savage.


In her reaction to the hilarious skits, Jemima Osunde recounted how she was on a call and remembered one of her sermons. She added that the evangelist needed to be arrested for her sermons as it messes with one’s mind.


She said:”For real though, someone needs to arrest that woman 😩😭😂😂😂😂😂 I said hello on the phone and remembered her nonsense”

Why Mummy G.O should be Arrested - Jemima Osunde
Why Mummy G.O should be Arrested – Jemima Osunde

The request for her arrest is coming barely twenty four hours after the video went viral. The controversial evangelist was recently spotted in a video having a nice time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has reacted to a viral video of Mummy GO excitedly showing off her hotel suite in Dubai.


In the video, the controversial preacher is seen putting on a bathrobe as she walked around her suite showing off every part of it to her audience while she films.


The extreme joy could be heard in Mummy GO’s voice as she captured every part of her Dubai room on camera.


The video has since gone viral and gathered mixed reactions.


Reacting to the clip, Omokri expressed astonishment to see the preacher indulge in such activities.


He explained the ‘old Mummy GO” would have declared same a ‘worldly’ behaviour and a straight ticket to hellfire.

Why Mummy G.O should be Arrested - Jemima Osunde

All the same, Reno encouraged the “hellfire” preacher to have a swell time in Dubai but should avoid hell while at it.

He wrote: “That Mommy GO video in Dubai where she was excited like a teenager vindicates what I said last year. Religion thrives in Nigeria because of suffering.


“When you relocate abroad, those things you fast and pray for now seem so elementary, and your mind is able to be free of the religious delusions that previously held you in bondage!


“Who would ever have believed that Mummy GO will be prancing around a hotel suite in a bathing robe and showing off, like a #BBNaija housemate?


“The old Mummy GO would have declared such ‘worldly’ behaviour as a ticket straight to hell.


“Enjoy Dubai Funmi but make sure you avoid hell.”

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