Why Nigerian Women Are Angry With Judy Austin

Why Nigerian Women Are Angry With Judy Austin

Tabitha Explains Why Nigerian Women Are Angry With Judy Austin, Yul Edochie’s Second Wife.


She wrote:
“I have just returned from a trip to Yul Edochie’s page, I realised the following;

I realised that Nigerian women’s anger with Judy has nothing to do with May or loving May, No they are angry with Judy for bursting their patterns.

Let me tell you how Nigerian Side chicks dating a successful or wealthy man behave, they low key pray to be the man’s wife but unlike Judy they tactfully take the first wife out of the picture first so that way there might not be any backlash, let me give you most recent examples:


She was dating Churchill na aru Tonto Akpuruka, she successfully worked Tonto out of her home, today she is “happily” the first and only wife yet to Churchill and Nigerian women recently celebrated them yet they are bashing Judy who didn’t ask her husband to leave his first wife!


She had been dating Fide while Fide was still married, she was playing the perfect side chick, she would even borrow Fide money if he needs while he was still married, Subtly making him see she could be more valuable. She loved Fide too much but the fear of Backlash from public if she becomes Fife’s Fourth wife wouldn’t let her. So she waited in prayers, Fide would divorce the last wife and Would later get married to RiRi in a fairly tale London marriage and Nigerian women did Awwwww… Yet these women are angry with Judy!!!


My preliminary investigations show that Ifeoma and Paul Okoye have been dating as far back as early 2020 when he did “REASON WITH ME” and was still married and living with his wife. Paul fell deeper in love with her and it was apparently affecting his family because he became almost absent as he rented a house for Ifeoma around his estate and spent more time with her, subtly frustrated the other wife and made arrangements for them to move to USA and subsequently Divorce and he is living happily with Ifeoma and might get married! Yet you are angry with Judy for not playing her cards well by not working on Yul to divorce May, then he waits a little few months marries JUDY and Nigerians will awww awww the Union!


4) MERCY JOHNSON OKOJIE: She was dating Prince while Prince was stil married to his first Wife
Ruth, noticing Prince is not Bad Afterall, he took him to herself and wedded in the Nigerian Christ Embassy Church, Ruth cried and wrote to Church etc. Today Ruth is history and Nigerian women are using Mercy Johnson as a point of Contact in marriage, yet they are bashing Judy for not stealing totally to herself!!


Their anger with Judy is that she didn’t do it their way! They are angry with her that she broke the “Sidechicks Code” .

If you awwwedd any of the above unions you have no reason attacking Judy ! Yes you don’t !

Why Nigerian Women Are Angry With Judy Austin
Why Nigerian Women Are Angry With Judy Austin

NB; Judy and Yul dated for 6 good years before marriage, she never allowed that affect Yul’s first family, she had every opportunity to “Work” on Yul to begin to hate his first wife and eventually divorce but she never did any of these, she happily accepted to be numbered without wrecking his first home !


I am beginning to think that Judy is a good girl after all apart from leaving her first husband though, I think she has small Fear of God! She encourages Yul to show up for his family always. She recognises and respects May !


May Yul my brother succeed very well!
May the Lord continue the bless his home !!



“Men that are married to nagging wives, find solace in calm ladies.

It’s natural… Every hardworking man need peace and the easiest way to achieve such a man’s heart is by gracing it with peace.


Forget ”For Better For Worst”… Men of these days doesn’t give a damn about all that life threatening oats.

Toxic relationship is more poisonous than that oat and to some extent, walking out has overtime proven to be it’s antidote.

You have your mind… You can read whatever meaning into this my small twist.. It’s entirely your right.

But deep thinkers like me can always peruse from longstanding drama.

Forget about those playing victim. That’s women for you. Playing victim is in their DNA, but e chōké when a calm brand is involved.


In all these lines, I mean to say that ”Someone has been killing this whole show with kindness and I’ve beginning to see what Odogwu saw.”

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