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“Why Nigerian Youths Don’t Care” is my pickup line from the last edition of SWORTE TALKS 9.0 entitled “Youth! The Force of Today”.


I will start my commentary by buttressing so unquoted facts from down to earth story teller, Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji. The youth of Nigeria don’t care due to due to two major things – Selfishness and Mistrust, this must be linked with the reason why we all just want to leave the country for another man’s land at all cost.


Selfishness – this comes with negligence and forgetting of unhidden fact that no matter how you run “ajole dabi ile”. We forget that the ‘eden’ we are running to was built by youths like us, yet we ignore these only to enrich them the more.


Mistrust: The leadership of every section in Nigeria one way or the other is corrupt, this in ratio is 9 out of 10. In politics which is the most obvious, for years each candidate campaigns with promises upon promises every four or two years and at the end vanity, though some try but others only sit as tax collectors. But this shouldn’t stop the youth of today from changing this!

Picking from the experienced explanation given by another story teller, a politician, Ayodele Adewale, doing things from a very insecure age and place is the key, he was part of the system back to back and did what he could during his tenure. The contrary is the youth of today who are being confused by 30billion gang – are your destinies the same!

Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji and Temi Badmus

My conclusion, we must leave the idea of quick money and learn the habit of making lasting money; we must leave the idea of running for the so called old cabal of rulers and all pointing together, telling them to step down and let our generation rule our generation; we must learn to innovate and develop here in Nigeria – spending that money here and not out of it, and socially as a social media savvy, we must learn to TREND the right things that will force permanent change and not flimsy topics like Big Brother Naija, Science Student, Is Simi and Kiss Daniel now Dating and so on.

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I’m Done.


Think, Reflect.


Other story tellers were Yemi Adamolekun and Leonard Eteh Ebute.

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