The recent endorsement of Hon. Ikenna Iyiegbu (Onyechimelu’eze) by Ojoto youths had been a nightmare to Labour Party candidate, Hon. Uche Okonkwo. Since the endorsement, Uche Okonkwo is yet to get hold of himself. Instead of finding solutions to his political failures, he is busy chasing shadows.


Ndi Youths Ojoto rejected the candidacy of Uche Okonkwo based on his inconsistency, inexperience, unaccountable and incredible.


During their endorsement of outstanding candidate, Hon. Ikenna Iyiegbu (Onyechimelu’eze), they said that Uche Okonkwo is not consistent, a man who had been defecting from one political party to another.


He contested under SDP and when he failed, he disappeared until election season when he contested again under All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and was defeated by Hon. Ikenna Iyiegbu (Onyechimelu’eze). He congratulated him and pledged to work with him to actualise the yearnings of umu Idemili federal constituency. Only for him to defect to Labour party.


He didn’t keep his promise, that is inconsistent and such person does not deserve any elective position because he cannot be trusted.


“A na esi na ulo mara mma puta ezi” but the rejection of Labour party candidate by his people indicates that he is not qualified to seek for any elective position.

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They further said that, we need a reliable, accountable and capable leader that knows what leadership is all about and Hon. Ikenna have proven to be the rightful candidate with his pedigree. That was why we came to him and we assured him victory in all the pooling units in Ojoto even Labour party pooling unit will not be spared.

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