Why our Votes do not count in Nigeria – Court Arguement

How can they be lying to us that VOTES counts in Nigeria, whereas it doesn’t count?.. I hate those silly lies, so I am going to convince you that Votes don’t count at all, here and now shall if be revealed


Please note to those saying my articles are always lengthy, ABADA comes in 6 Yards Instead of 1Yard,I write to make sure we get it right and not in chaffs to make us like me then miss the real message.. Same reason Constitution is bigger than Bye Laws !!!


Come with me, hold the helm of my shirt and let’s stroll down Mmiri Obiaja Nnobi, sitting by the brooks, then we can chat with relaxed feelings as dews and splashes of Water caress our faces , damp our clothes and left us fulfilled, that way the tingle that comes with the ministering Birds that sang melodious Dinge while perching atop Cashew trees surrounding the River will put us in synch with supernatural reality.


Such is called awesome serenity, not when you lock self in a confined space where AIR is conditioned and it provides un-natural habitat and our lungs ingest them, while we think we are living large, whereas we are like those sharing Cans like Geisha that is locked in a Can with sealed faith.


Votes don’t count, that’s why Politicians spent So much money trying to buy your Votes which don’t count.. Yes, Votes don’t count.



Votes don’t count, that is why Politicians will leave whatever they do and start Political romance with Constituency prelude to elections, attend all Functions, both invited and uninvited, attend Burials they have no business attending just because they want to fraternize, gets acquainted with Folks they can’t see again after election until next election.. But they spend so much trying to show how good they are, how caring they are because VOTE doesn’t count and they love wasting money… Let me say it with you, VOTE don’t count..

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Vote don’t count and after election, the Aspirants stays in Court arguing that the results wasn’t rightly called, and you and me will say, Votes don’t count..


If votes don’t count, would anybody waste so much money chasing Voters?, where most of them sold all they saved just to get people to Vote for him?.. They should just save money to buy result, but that they don’t do, they campaign and hope to make us see them as what they are not, so we can Vote for them..


If Votes don’t count INEC won’t be wasting money prosecuting election of any sought..

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Why our votes do not count in Nigeria but aspirant argues in court 
Why our votes do not count in Nigeria

Parties won’t need to have Agent in all Pooling Boths, to sign what was casted as onsight representatives, it’s an expensive exercise.


It is only a candidate in entire Anambra believe with hope and pretend that Votes don’t count, he just wants to write it and hope the cabals will enforce it.. Hear me, VOTES counts and counts it shall always be..


Like truth or not, this is democracy and anything that must be done must be seen as Democracy and no matter how rotten we think our Judiciary is, they atimes tries to get it right, because even a Dead CLOCK is right twice a Day, same can be said about Judiciary, sometime they call if right and accurate based on the provision of ballot casted, counted and called.



That why it makes me feel Bad when even our people behave like those who don’t understand that whatever we search for to balance our lives that is injected with disdain from other Tribes, be it Confederated state or Seperated state, that our VOTERS CARD must play a role, it must be discussed at Both Legislative houses, Lobbied for a Win, for it to become implementable, there should be call to use our PVC to determine if that is what people actually wanted… It is called democracy and the world lives with it and Form progressive around it, we can’t do differently and hope to be taken serious.


Like we talk about REFERENDUM, which is wrong move or choice of word , wrong asking, for Referendum means


“general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision.”..


(a SINGLE POLITICAL QUESTION OR QUEST), what we should be asking for is PLESBICITE, meaning..


“direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question such as a change in the constitution.


“EG..the administration will hold a plebiscite for the approval of constitutional reforms”.


Without Plesbicite, all we crave for becomes Joke or time KILLING, as long as it is democratically not approved.


You want to beat the Man, you must be the Man. Self determination is Marathon and never a sprint, and to also cushion an Igbo adage which provides “Ewelu gbanu gbanu gwujie Ji, esekpulu Ani, gwupu ta ya”, it is called DETERMINATION and it means determined distance to cover, let’s progress .


Then I also wonder whose idea it is to close Shops as in Sit at home on Mondays ..


How does it affect ASO ROCK or Judiciary?, Aso Rock and Judiciary are people who wants to see our Business closed permanently , our life stumped , our Future in a Barrel and you can’t put it pass them to buy any of us so we can help them and deliver our down fall from within.


I have tried to see how closing sources of livelihood Ndi Igbo will affect anybody outside South East, as it will only affect those who are Artesian in Alaigbo, many feed with what they get on daily basis..


So restricting them from earning a living is just sending them straight into temptations, don’t forget the Vexation of hungry man, when it turns to anger.


Many traders may rise against it, then it will start altercation and altercation will bring hatred for whatever the movement stands for and with that a Division creeps into being and once we are not united, we can’t stand, so how does it add anything to the agitation or passing messages to the Powers that are suppressing and oppressing us?..


I see it that it is not a plus but a minus and it seems like plans hatched by enemies to cause a dissent, we should watch it as many may like to IFEAJUNARISE US ONCE AGAIN.



Original Sit at home makes sense because it was shrouded around mourning our death, but making it while it doesn’t add value makes even the right one appear fraudulent.


How can we close shops to attract attention of those who closed ENUGWU AIRPORT just because it started hosting Ethiopians Airlines?.


Those who closed many wharfs around or convinient to Importation of items into Igbo markets?, they closed them just to irk us, so how then can we argue that what they did to us was Evil where we are trying to carve closing of our resources into our BY LAWS?.


How can we think that it takes off anything from those who stationed Customs on all roads leading to Igbo land on places that has no border with Foreign SOILS just to make sure they stress us with despise ?.


How can we close shop for those who might not open or give permission for UMUERI AIRPORT to be opened for operations even if it is better than JFK?.


How can we think that those who stationed Army at the entrance of Igbo land just to show that we are under siege cares if you even burn down the Markets which is what they yearn for with all thier muscle?.


I am sure they may have a hand on the closure or will soon take it over and make sure, we even relocate the markets to Midwest as ONWU Nze Adi ibe ya Njo.


I just want the projenitor to educate me and US the benefits of closing down our business which the Federal wanted closed in the first place, because they felt that our strength lies in our sources of living and they despise it with happiness.


I am open to be educated and many others will like to also be educated as well , so we can work hand in glove.


Pen of the gods

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