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Why Pastor Kumuyi is Trending?

Why Pastor Kumuyi is Trending
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Here is why Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi is trending.

In a sermon which made headlines on Sunday, 2nd June, the General Overseer, Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi, said Nigerians should not attack President Muhammahu Buhari and other leaders because its not Christian-like.


Pastor Kumuyi, at Deeper Life Bible Church, Headquarters, Gbagada, Lagos, on Sunday urged Christians not to attack the president of the country through any means via a topic titled “The Believers’ Preservation Until the Day of Visitation” with support of bible passage I Peter 2: 11-25 that said, Christians lifestyle must reflect Christ in a civil society, saying that government derives their authority from God.


“Don’t attack the President of the country whether in words or in the newspapers or through internet, Pastor Kumuyi said.


“Honour kings; don’t disrespect or dishonour the governors. Don’t disrespect leaders of the community and leaders in the church. “If we are to honour the governors in the states, how much more the Pastors.”

He concluded by saying, God wanted Christians to submit to the leadership He had given to them in the Church, community, country and corporate organisations and that Christians’ affections, attentions and focus must be in heaven and hence the need to shun all forms of sin.


On that sense, most Nigerians have taken to social media reacting to what the Pastor have said, here are the most sensible ones for argument from Twitter below:

Have you ever seen pastor kumuyi acquiring luxury cars or jets? Getting involved in any sexual scandals? That is a kind of religious leader we should listen to. Forget your religious affiliations.


Flakky Flakky.
Pastor Kumuyi should mind his business and not look for our trouble.
When did he even start watching news on TV self, thought it was a sin.
Confused people.


At the time Pastor Kumuyi told his members not to use televisions coz of d kind of programs aired  there wasn’t smartphones and it was sensible at the time but now you can watch porns on your phones so what’s the different? At least they still doesn’t use ear rings and d likes.


Pastor Kumuyi said we should not attack buhari and ya’ll shouting.
He said ‘not attack’
It’s probably DEEPER than that.
He probably meant we should not throw stones at Buhari.


Elijah criticized&attacked Ahab.The 3 Hebrew boys attacked Nebuccanezar.Jesus attacked the Pharisees. Countless accounts of leaders been attacked for doing wrong.Pastor Kumuyi Sir,you’re wrong.


Pastor Kumuyi is a respectable and responsible man of God,i like him;But he should allow people to express their views about their leaders and speak truth to power;that is their only shield of defending democracy and propelling the wheel of freedom and justice.

Alebiosu john
This man Reno Omokri is an arrogant and proud man. I shared my opinion on his view about pastor kumuyi comment and he blocked me. This man is not worthy to be an example. He really surprised me because I held him in high esteem. PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL please tell him.

So apparently Pastor Kumuyi tells his Church members not to attack the government online and he’s now trending. There are many young foolish people on this app


Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper life Bible Church, we really respect you sir and your doctrine sir. But telling us not to attack Buhari & politicians is ungodly. That’s a NO sir, you can help us support it with a Bible verse, maybe by then we will listen to you sir.

Pastor Kumuyi, your advise only applies to your church members. As for the rest of us, we will continue to hold our leaders accountable. People die everyday from lack of basic amenities, if we don’t attack those in power, even God go vex for us 🙄


So, that’s it. What do you think?

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