by Tony Okonkwo

It was Charles De Gaulle who opined and rightly so that politics is too serious a matter to be left to politicians alone. Anambra is on the cusp of a new dawn and the stakes are high. The battle royale is for the soul of Anambra and every concerned Igbo should take more than a passing interest in the affairs of the State.

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The populace are being inundated with tales of the colourful exploits of some of the contestants angling for the top seat. At times like this, the good get muddled up with the bad. Real issues that go to the foundation of progress become relegated while empty rhetorics without substance dominate the airwaves. Weaponised poverty makes things worse. People only think about the now without regard for the long term. Intestinal considerations or what Peter Fayose, former Governor of Ekiti State called “stomach infrastructure” becomes the singsong and determines their choice of candidates.



However, it is very vital to consistently spread the salvific gospel according to Dr. Godwin Maduka . Among the crop of contestants, he is one person who has not only shown capacity but is sincere in his heart to make great impact in Anambra. Dr. Maduka means business. He has gotten to the zenith of his illustrous career in medicine, and like what obtains in sane societies, he has been rewarded massively for creating value. For him, all that is not given is lost.


What is wealth if it is not employed to uplift the conditions of a people. To this end, he has channeled humongous resources towards changing the fortunes of his people, embarking on ambitious projects that is even too big for some State governments, indulging in unparalleled human capital development and putting a new song in the mouths of his people.

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Obviously, his orientation about politics isn’t seeing it as a vehicle for personal enrichment or primitive accumulation of wealth at the detriment of the Anambra populace.


As for fame, Dr Maduka is already sufficiently known as the number one pain management doctor in the world. His name is an anthem in the international medical community and the recognitions he has received for his stellar contributions in his field spans several countries of the world. He is envied at home and revered abroad.



Despite these achievements, he is at home with people from different social strata. Always reserved, with quiet demeanour and attentive ears, he is sometimes thought to be arrogant by those who read him ignorantly. It is because of his simplicity that he has been able to relate with the poor and touch their lives. Dr Maduka at his level is at home with every class and category of people.

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Dr Maduka is compassionate but firm. He is jovial but disciplined. He is sound from centre to circumference. He is someone whose principles of honesty and integrity cannot be changed even if the heavens totters and the earth reels. His love for his people is deep. He never spares his resources for their welfare and always acts on their wants even without prompting. No wonder he is named Okosisi Orumba.


Like a dry weary land without water, Anambra earnestly yearns for Dr Godwin Maduka. His capacity is unmatched. His compassion is overflowing. His love for his people can be literally felt. If he transformed Umuchukwu from a rustic village to a modern city with all the trappings of civilization, he will do even more for Anambra and democratize prosperity.



In him, PDP had the best chance of returning to power for the sole purpose of arresting the decline in governance of Anambra State and returning her lost glory. With him in the saddle, Anambra will experience a new lease of life. Her potential will be exploited. The creative ability of her people will be unleashed and she will become a top business destination.

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