Why Peter Obi remain a reference point – Tai Emeka Obasi

Why Peter Obi remain a reference point  Tai Emeka Obasi

In the above referred piece, Tai Emeka Obasi said that ndi Anambra need a Governor like Mr Peter Obi to take over from our truly working Governor Obiano, God forbid bad thing.


No reasonable mind will wish ndi Anambra a return to Mr Peter Obi dark and deceitful era.

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The divine emergence of Governor Obiano as Anambra State Governor brought ndi Anambra out of Egypt and as at today they are close to their envisaged promise land and will never wish to return to Egypt.


Before I go further, permit me to say little things that I know about Tai Emeka Obasi, the person that authored the piece am reacting to in favor of Mr Peter Obi.


Tai Emeka Obasi is a writer that was hired by Mr Peter Obi to compliment Valentine Obienyem his Chief blackmailer , efforts of laundering his already battered image in the media.


Having said this , I will not forget to state without mincing words that ndi Anambra had the worst experience of deceitful leadership under our self acclaimed Saint Peter Obi era as Governor in the State.


No regime throughout the history of Anambra State creation is as deceitful like that of Mr Peter Obi regime.


What he did in Anambra State is the more you look the less you see.


Under his government, killing was too much and under his watch , fraudulent activities was taken to the highest level.


How can Peter Obi explain the fact that when he was Governor, Nigeria as a Country was enjoying Oil boom that made money to be in circulation that time but what his administration was paying into Anambra coffers as IGR is in between 400 to 500 million naira.


Now under Governor Obiano’s watch that Nigeria experienced recession, our State IGR skyrocketed to almost 2billion naira monthly.


Who is fooling who?

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The difference is clear. When we talk about Peter Obi, we are talking about the worst liar and deceitful leader on this planet earth.


This is a man that had the effrontery to lie to Nigerians that he wore one pair of shoe and Wrist Watch for complete 17years.


This his lie was bursted by the same Nigerians that he attempted deceiving.


They released photos of him wearing different types of shoes and Wrist watch.


The truth is that lies and deceit runs in Mr Peter Obi blood and the reason why he likes lie and deceit is because of his holier than thou attitude mentality.


Mr Peter Obi is a man that used Anambra money to establish intafact beverages, makers of Hero, Grand malt ETC, company in Anambra State but immediately he left office as Governor, his personal shares in that company became higher than that of Anambra State government shares in the company.


Mr Peter Obi is a man that fraudulently milked Anambra State treasury dry during his regime as Governor and as he was leaving office, he struck a deceitful savings deal that will continue enriching his personal pocket for the next 30years with Anambra money.


We all know how desperate bankers are to get customer that can pay in money that runs into millions without touching the money atleast for 1year.


This is to enable them do enough business turnover before giving the person back his money and Peter Obi struck a 9billion naira cash deal with them that will stay in their hands for almost 30years without being touched and as they do their normal banking business turnover, he will be getting his kickbacks for that 30 years.


What I said now is the thing he will not want ndi Anambra to hear but that is the bare facts.


Ndi Anambra cannot forget in a hurry that this same Mr Peter Obi defrauded ndi Anambra of their hard earned money in the name of selling forms to conduct local government election in the State without doing it rather he did that at the end of his tenure , a month to his exit from office and the elected Chairmen ended up working under the regime of his successor and not his regime.


This is also a man that did not do recruitment for almost 8years in power but recruited close to 6000 workers few months to his exit from office.


Sane minds will agree with me that all Mr Peter Obi did when he was leaving office is pure wickedness.


It is not enough, Mr Peter Obi that is moving round Nigeria looking for whom to deceive with his holier than thou attitude was busy signing mobilisation fee cheques and other of his fraudulent transaction cheques at Governor’s lodge on the day of his handover and ended up attending the handover ceremony late.


His bootlickers shouts all the time that he bought computers for students, he bought Vehicles for our traditional rulers, he bought Pick up Vans for Vigilante groups, he bought buses for schools.


Now let me say it categorically that Mr Peter Obi did all those things because of the kickback deal he struck with the sellers.


The last thing Mr Peter Obi will do as a business man is to patronize you in large quantity without getting a kickback from you.


Have we bothered to ask why he opted to send somebody to Lagos with a whopping sum of 250milliom to go and pay for a Car deal.


The reason why we heard of that 250milliom naira saga is because the person was caught and said that the money is Anambra State government money meant for payment of car deal transaction.


Why didn’t they pay the in a bank account, the singular reason is to avoid traces of their kickbacks from such transactions.


As far as am concerned, Mr Peter Obi is a master of deceit.


Wishing ndi Anambra a return to the dark era of Mr Peter Obi can be likened to crucifying them politically and otherwise the 2nd time, G*d forbid.


Ndi Anambra are currently in a land of honey and milk.


They are currently in a land where there business is progressing, they are in a land where they are sleeping with their 2eyes closed.


They are in a land where insecurity is a thing of the past , they are a land where they hear of Anambra rice, Anambra tree and exportation of Vegetables to Europe and America and somebody is wishing them a return to the era of killing, hardship and all manners of brigandage, the almighty God will not allow them to go back to suffering and gnashing of teeth.


Ndi Anambra want to continue enjoying all they are currently enjoying under Governor Obiano’s watch.


One thing that is difficult for Mr Peter Obi to do is to accept that Governor Obiano is doing well and the reason is because of the fact that he is a sadist.


He don’t want anybody that will outshine him but he is helpless in Governor Obiano case because as at today in Anambra State, Governor Obiano has already outshined him in areas of performance and people oriented leadership delivery.


Obiano’s legacy in Anambra State can withstand a test of time but that cannot be said of Mr Peter Obi.


Recently, I wrote a piece about Mr Peter Obi and a woman that was a Lecturer at Nsugbe College of Education in her reaction said that when Mr Peter Obi was Governor that he visited their school and in his speech to students, he boasted to them that he attended the best school in Nigeria and also told the students that education is not meant for the poor.


Peter Obi said this same thing to Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University students that protested his heartless hike of their school fees and such a man is whom Tai Emeka Obasi is telling us that we want a Governor like him in Anambra again.


It must be animals residing in Zoo republic that want a return of Mr Peter Obi dark era and not ndi Anambra.


Honestly, wishing ndi Anambra a return to Mr Peter Obi dark era is tantamount to throwing ndi Anambra into a hell fire.


What ndi Anambra is praying for as at today is continuity of Governor Obiano’s good governance model that has been entrenched in our beloved State.


We say no to destruction and say a louder yes to continuity.


Talking of continuity is where the erudite Prof Soludo comes in because ndi Anambra fingers are pointing at his direction as the only man that can continue with the good works Governor Obiano is doing in Anambra State.


We must not forget that continuity of good governance will help to entrench development in our State.


Ndi Anambra need continuity and not retrogression.

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