Why Sex is important during Rainy Season

Why Sex is important during Rainy Season

Sex is important in rainy season because it provides an extra turn on for activities in “the other room”. Although, there is no specific day, time or season to have sex but having it in rainy season is so undefeated and important.

Below are the reasons why sex is important in rainy season:

For Warmth: Unclad bodies grinding and gliding against one another is just the perfect way to combat the cold. When the sex is that hot, who needs a heater, sweater or duvet to keep warm?

It adds flavour to the relationship: Sometimes partners get so lost in activities and work and other things that push sex to the least thing they desire for weeks on end.

But then comes the rain with windy nights, wet weekends and long hours of nothing to do but being cooped up in the house for hours on end. Perfect mood, perfect setting, perfect backdrop and surely, the rain pattering on the roof provides good music for you to get it on.

The weather is pleasant for coitus: The rain makes the weather pleasant for intercourse.

It’s just perfect: All the sex during rainy season seem to have a special effect. Eighty-three percent of respondents in Trojan’s Degrees of Pleasure study, carried out in 2010, rate rainy days and nights as the best time to have sex.

It’s romantic: Apparently there is something really romantic about getting it on amidst all the thunder, lightening and rain.

Better to light those scented candles when it’s raining and cold than when it hot, right?

Sex when it’s raining is surely not just about combating cold, it can also be very romantic.

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