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Why Southerners Should Reject Graduates’ Postings To North For National Service – Lawyer

NYSC: Why Southerners Should Reject Graduates’ Postings To the North
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Nigerian lawyer resident in South Africa, Austin Okeke has said parents and guardians from the Southern part of Nigeria should reject the posting of their children and wards by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to the terrorism and banditry ravaged North.


Okeke said this in his reaction to the recent abduction of a prospective NYSC member, Lorliam Jennifer Awashima, who was abducted by bandits in Zamfara State on Thursday.


Ms Awashima was on her way to the NYSC orientation camp in Kebbi State when she was kidnapped. Her captors have demanded a ransom of N3 million from her family.


They also threatened to kill or marry her if her family failed or refused to pay the ransom demanded.

Reacting, Okeke said the Northern bandits are looking for girls to give birth and raise children for a new generation for them, and the region is a war zone to be avoided by Southern Nigerians.


“People should advise parents to have their children reject assignment to war zones.


“Nothing in the NYSC law anticipated a multi fronted internal war.


“The bandits are looking for Southern girls to breed a new generation,” Okeke said.

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