Why we deny Some Ghanaian Citizens and Celebrities Visa – French Ambassador

Why we deny Some Ghanaian Citizens and Celebrities Visa - French Ambassador

The French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Avé, has intimated that the French government does not give Ghanaian celebrities preferential privileges when they visit France.


Ms Sophie said that her office has indeed refused visas to some Ghanaian celebrities who wanted to visit the Country in an interview with vlogger Zion Felix.


She stated that the embassy is currently undertaking a review of the impacted persons’ paperwork to make sure that the information presented is accurate.

Ms. Anne Sophie encouraged all Ghanaians interested in visiting her country to apply and follow the proper procedures, or risk being turned down.


Recently a popular Ghanaian comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney, affectionately known as DKB pleaded with social media followers to help him land an opportunity with the French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie by tagging her in a tweet he put out.

DKB claimed that he has done everything in Ghana except visit France and that he hopes to be lucky if Anne Sophie chances upon his post.


DKB wrote: “I’ve done everything in Ghana except to visit France for tourism. Somebody tag France ambassador let’s see if I could get lucky.”

Why we deny Some Ghanaian Citizens and Celebrities Visa - French Ambassador
Why we deny Some Ghanaian Citizens and Celebrities Visa – French Ambassador

He was later appointed a personal assistant last week.


Ambassador Anne Sophie-Avé has also made a passionate appeal to Ghanaians to desist from worrying her with the acquisition of visa.


According to her, the French Consulate handles Immigration Services and not the embassy and its ambassador.


Speaking to the host of Top Assignment on Joy Prime, Rev. Juliet Leah, Madam Sophie-Avé indicated that the Consulate has a completely automated online platform that processes travel permits in order to limit human interaction with the system.


‘There’s no point calling me; there’s no point harassing me on social media. I cannot do a VISA. The decision is made by the French Immigration. Thanks to the inter-connection and the internet, everything is now remotely decided and all we do when we get the agreement is to print the VISA and stick it on your passport. We don’t make and we don’t overturn decisions made by the Immigration Service’, she said.


The French Ambassador reiterated her government’s commitment to assisting Ghana improve its health and education sectors.

The French government has been instrumental in Africa’s fight against COVID-19 pandemic; spearheading the shipping of vaccines from the COVAX facility for equitable distribution.


Madam Sophie-Avé further added that her outfit has initiated a campaign to help in the refurbishment and promotion of a number of heritage sites in Volta and Bono Regions, all in a bid to boost patronage.

The Diplomat is known for her role in promoting Kente cloth and other rich Ghanaian culture.


In April 2021, Sophie-Avé was enstooled as Nkosuo Hemaa of Hani in the Bono Region with the stool name Nana Benneh III as she pledged to support the development of the community.

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