Why we should avoid another APC disaster

As I watched APC ‘s presidential candidate at Chatham House, sadness enveloped my thoughts that how on earth can anyone support such a man?


People complained about Buhari’s cabal but if Tinubu dares enter asorock, Buhari’s style of governance will be forgotten because truth is he wasn’t this bad before he became president, he attended functions, interviews but avoided debates.


Take a look at what happened at Chatham House today, he was not incharge he appointed surrogates to answer questions on how he intends to govern, the last straw that broke the camels back, was when a lady asked Bola Tinubu about discrepancies about his age and background, this was followed up with other questions from the audience. Tinubu’s response was he will answer the personal question last as he assigned the two latter questions to his surrogates.


When the former Governor began answering his question, the man started reading from a paper handed to him (he answered the woman that way, so he can quickly get expo).


Now, how can you ask me a question about myself and someone writes on a piece of paper how I will answer the question? This amused me to my bone marrow.


My question now is this, considering this man insists it is his turn, who will be incharge of Nigeria if he becomes president? This brings us to the dreaded word “cabals” ironically the people around him now, thinking they will be amongst this, might be thrown out if God forbids the Bat wins.

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Little did I understand when Peter Obi keeps saying “when am President I will be incharge hold me responsible”.


After a disastrous 8 years of APC who spent the first year blaming the previous government, after 2 years blamed 16years of PDP, after 3years said that change begins with the citizens and not them, after 5 years blamed Covid, after 6years blamed twitter and now they are blaming state governors (forgetting that they control 22 states); we need to realise how important 2023 is and why a man with the mind-set, background and tenacity of Peter Obi should be put in Asorock.


Bola Tinubu just exposed himself to the world, with his garbage added Nigerians will become a laughing stock all over the world.

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Remember, our green passports are already discriminated against with a skit maker/comedian/Bulabalu as president it will only make us look worse.


We need to work hard beyond tribe, religion and affiliations to put the best man in Asorock which is Peter Gregory Obi.



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