Why Women write-off Men who are close to their Mother

A Twitter user, Bambulu have touched a crucial matter in relationship – where women write-off men who are close to their mother.


Bambulu further elaborates that women tend to have more distrust among themselves that they end up getting married with no one to talk to, after they have successfully cut-off all the available female around them.


He tweets;

”When a man knows that a lady is close to her father, he’s happy because he knows he’ll be able to relate with her very well. But when a lady knows that the man is close to his mum, she takes offence & may even write him off.


The reason for this is simple & I have always pointed it out:

  • Women don’t genuinely love themselves.

The only form of genuine sisterhood that can exist between women is when they unite to destroy men, every other thing is faux. They hardly help or uplift themselves.

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–  Stricken with a craze for competition, women can’t do without comparing themselves. This makes them incapable of loving one another genuinely.

Every lady in a clique prays she’s the first to marry or that she marries the richest husband of them all.

Even when she eventually marries, she quickly dissociate herself from the clique & may even ban her single friends from coming to her home, for fear of snatching her husband because she knows what her gender is capable of—no genuine love for themselves.

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If you think this is some cooked up speculation, ask yourself how many times you’ve heard that a guy got married & didn’t invite or tell his male friends.

Now switch it to the other gender & you’ll have your answer.

Why Women write-off Men who are close to their Mother
Why Women write-off Men who are close to their Mother

Women don’t love genuinely one another.

And I’m sure when you ask the ladies that would come to deny this, they’ll tell you that they prefer working with a male boss to a female boss.”

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A tweepee named Leo added that,

”Another reason why women should not be given power or authority.
They see themselves as competition.
Women began slut shaming other women(competition) so as to gain favor and attention from men
Only strong masculine men can put women in order”

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