Why you should avoid swimming at Kwara’s Asa River

As the head of Kwara State Environmental Protection Agency (KWEPA), I have received several Phone calls from people to drive away thousand of Youths swimming to catch fish along Asa riverine areas especially at Amilengbe area behind Salem House.


From a reliable source, the flood has swept away the fishery ponds from unknown location into the river which attracted the youths to become emergency fishermen in the area which has claimed two lives as at today.


Swimming at Asa River has claimed two  lives.

Why you should avoid swimming at Kwara's Asa River
Why you should avoid swimming at Kwara’s Asa River

This is a clarion call and warning to the parents to warn their children against this ugly situation; the police force and Fire Service dept should be despatched to drive away these youths from the scene.



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