Why You Should Sleep Less On Your Stomach

Many people often experience pain in their neck and back after they wake up from sleep, and this is because they lie on their stomach while sleeping without knowing the implications of it and what it could cause them.


According to WebMD, sleep is good for the overall health of the body because it gives the chance for the body to rest, regenerate, and also repair the cells, tissues, and various organs in the body, but how we sleep can affect us and make us experience one health complication or another.


In this article, I want to educate you on the health complications that are triggered when you sleep on your stomach.

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  1. When you sleep on your stomach, you are forced to turn face to the right or left and place one side of it on the bed with your stomach and chest lying flat, however, this position affects the muscles of the neck and limit blood flow to see extent, which make the muscles to become stiff a bit and this result in pains around the neck region when you wake up.

Prolong act of this sleeping method can have a great impact on your spine, which may lead to a more severe medical issue.


  1. Lying on your stomach for a long time while sleeping at night or making it a night sleeping habit can also trigger spinal problems because you cause the stomach to push its weight against your back, which affects the spine and results in back pain. The spinal cord is in charge of nerve control and many other functions, and any strain on them will result in pain, which can be mild or severe. For these reasons, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach.
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