Why you should try Sex in the Cinema

Why you should try Sex in the Cinema

Have you tried cinema sex?

Whoever said money cannot buy you happiness had better go think again. I agree that money cannot buy you lasting joy, that can only be gotten from inside of yourself. It is a personal decision to choose joy irrespective of your circumstance.

Money on the other hand can buy you excitement and some luxuries that can make you happy, even if it’s for a while.


Like they say: “Money may not buy happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Lamborghini.” It’s becoming increasingly difficult to do anything without money these days. Even staying at home requires you to spend money because you have to eat. And if your area is like ours where the power supply is haphazard, then you need to fuel your generator. All these require money.

We are living in very difficult and harsh times now. It is important to find what works for you to keep yourself happy for the sake of your mental health.


Anyway Mike and I were having a quiet evening, but we wanted a boost because sometimes silence and inactivity can be a breeding ground for worry and anxiety. So we decided to go see one of the recent movies making the rounds. It had high reviews. We were hoping it won’t be a waste of our time and money.


We got to the cinema and secured our tickets, but we had to wait for 20 mins for the movie we wanted to see. We decided to take a walk around the mall. It was alive with music and other activities because some lounges and bars thrive, especially at night. And, of course, where there is nightlife, there would be ladies, scantily clad, looking for quick action and money for their effort.


There is a thrill about the nightlife. Maybe it is the lights or the fact that you could bring you alter ego out to play while hiding under the guide of the night.

A few lovebirds were seen walking along…holding hands. Some sat in corners sharing a snack and giggling…love is indeed a wonderful thing.


With a few minutes left to the start of the movie, we walked back to the cinema. We got in just in time. My favourite part apart from the movie itself is the popcorn. I love popcorn. My least favourite thing is the freezing temperature in the hall. I came prepared. And though I had on a gown, I also wore a long coat to shield my body from the cold.


As the movie progressed, I noticed that the hall was almost empty. We were seated at the highest level, which is also the back end of the hall…. Mike’s favourite spot by the way. So I could see all that was below.

Apart from Mike and I, there was one other couple and another guy. So we were just five in the hall. Ideas were running through my head already.


The movie was one of those that slowly picks up pace. So there wasn’t much going on in the beginning.

I started to touch Mike. I could tell he got the hint. I unbuckled his belt and got out his dick, got on my knees and sucked his delicious piece.

His moans were drowned by the volume of the movie. I unbuttoned the first three buttons on my dress, got out my boobs, and boobfucked him. His moans got louder, but I continued and increased the pace. Mike spilled on my face. Though that was messy it was very satisfying.

I wanted some action too. So we were not done, but we cleaned up and continued with the movie. It had begun to pick pace, I recognised a lot of popular faces. The storyline was quite relatable.


A very funny scene got everyone laughing and I took that as my cue. I started to touch Mike. And, surprisingly, he was hard again. I didn’t waste time. I sat on him in reverse cowgirl style and started to ride. He fondled my breast and tickled my nipples. I continued to ride, savouring every stroke, twisting and grinding on his dick. I had to hold myself back from moaning loudly.

As I continued riding, Mike used his finger to stroke my clitoris. That did it for me. I came with my whole body vibrating. I unconsciously hit the seat in front of me and that made a sound. The lone guy turned back to look at us and I sat still on Mike’s legs. He turned away, but I’m sure he must have suspected something fishy was going on.


Well, the movie came to an end not long after that. We laughed all the way to the car. And guess what? We were still so pumped up that we continued frolicking when we got to the flat.


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