Wike and his Imminent Endorsement of Tinubu

Wike and his Imminent Endorsement of Tinubu

Wike and his Imminent Endorsement of Tinubu: “Cain, where is your Brother?”


by Okoro Chikaodiri Frank


As Governor Wike the de facto leader of the G5 has decided to endorse the candidacy of the near-senile Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC, one cannot help but evoke the emotions captured in Genesis 4: 9 when God asked Cain, where is your brother? This emotion and question is understandable considering the Political and fraternal brotherhood between the South-South and South-East and between the Ikwerre in Rivers State and their Igbos from South-East in Particular. A brotherhood that Nyesom Wike benefitted from in his 2 successful bids for Rivers Governorship.

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It is paradoxical that Wike who is still licking the wounds inflicted on him by Tambuwal’s choice of being his brother’s keeper against a one-sided friendship of convenience with him will now turn back to betray Obi whom he himself described as ‘my brother’ when Obi visited him in Rumuepirikom on September 30th, 2022. One would think he learnt a thing or two from the 29th May, 2022 incident but alas, he is still indulged in the opium of Political Rabble-rousing and comedy shows.


What could have made Wike go back to eat his vomit you may wonder. Simple; Hate and Avarice. Wike is consumed by his thinly-veiled hatred for an Igbo man and/or his success. The Oyigbo Massacre, Ikokwu saga, his opposition to the zoning of the PDP ticket to South-East and other clandestine anti-Igbo actions and inactions all betrays his emotion and motive towards the Igbos. Any right thinking Igboman in Rivers State is not ignorant of the aforementioned actions and I am sure has been patiently waiting for the opportunity to tell him that we are aware of his antics.


It is an open secret that Wike has turned himself into the biggest Landlord in Port-Harcourt all within the past 8 years of his Governorship. He might have been dreaming of becoming the “Jagaban of Rivers State” just like his newly found political mentor Tinubu who through whatever means has turned Lagos state into his personal estate and now going for the Jugulars of the economy of our country Nigeria. This evil quest for ‘jagabanism’ is why he is seeking a tenure extension through his accountant and boy Simfubara whom he believes will be pliant enough for him to continue and achieve his aim, God forbid. Rivers people through the support of their Igbos resident in Rivers must refuse and resist this evil agenda.


Wike has done his worst, what next for the Igbo man resident in Rivers State? There must be a concerted effort to marshal out plans to remind and sensitize Rivers People, indigene and non indigene that Rivers Political future is NOT and is Bigger than Wike’s political future. As Patrick Obahiagbon will say, “it is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf” that Rivers people will support and vote en masse for Peter Obi and Labour Party in the presidential election because Obi is by far the Best candidate in the race and the candidate that represents fairness and justice without minding Wike and his egoistic endorsement.

Wike and his Imminent Endorsement of Tinubu
Wike and his Imminent Endorsement of Tinubu

Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, the Professionals for Igbo-Excellence that I lead and other Pan Igbo groups must wake up to the task and pay Wike back in his coin by making sure that his stooge is stopped by all means necessary. We must get ready to defeat his campaign of calumny which he will deploy against Obi through different means and make Rivers People understand that the #20,000 he pays them monthly is their rightful entitlement and a peanut compared to the billions being squandered for his failed and failing political venture. On 25th of February, Rivers people will go ahead and vote for Peter Obi of Labour Party and “Nothing will happen”.


On 16th of March during the gubernatorial election, we will ‘obey’ Wike’s voice and Vote APC candidate, Pastor Tonye Cole who in sincerity is a better candidate by all standards. (Emphasis will be thrown on why we need to Vote Tonye Cole in the part 2 of this series.)


God told Cain in Genesis 4:12, “You shall be a wanderer and fugitive on earth”, for daring to go against the wishes of his people, against the principle of fairness and equity which he deceitfully claim to be fighting for and for going against Obi’s candidacy which obviously has devine backing, it is now clear that come May 29th, 2023; Wike will become a political fugitive in Rivers state and Nigeria and as Cain exclaimed; “my punishment is worse than death”, that will be the political death of Wike and his selfish calculations. He will be looking for visitors in his Rumuepirikom mansion if he isn’t cooling down in EFCC facility.

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