Will Obaseki become Consensus Candidate without Ojezua?

EDO: The Many alleged Sins of Gov. Godwin Obaseki

Will Obaseki become Consensus Candidate without Ojezua? – Commentary


“I don’t know how he (Obaseki) will become consensus candidate with the fact that Anselm Ojezua is no longer the party chairman. Which National Working Committee will ratify such candidature from Ojezua?


He must remember that his removal ratification by NWC still stand. That particular ratification and removal still stand as far as the party is concerned.


I think governor Obaseki is in his own political world. He is going to have another many years reflecting about his conduct after this impending defeat.

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Obaseki must be a dreamer to think he will get APC ticket or even win the next election. The political odds against him are insurmountable.”


Hon. Pius Alile
Jan. 1, 2020

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