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Will Peter Obi Ever Stop Discussing People And Engage Himself More On His Defects?

Will Peter Obi Ever Stop Discussing People And Engage Himself More On His Defects?

Peter Obi: Weak people are the ones who spend their energy and lifetime discussing others, they do so because of their inferiority complex and that’s exactly what Peter have placed his short life on; he assembles E- rabbits to berate His Excellency Governor Willie Obiano, a man that did him No evil whatsoever.


Who could have sworn to fight with the last drop of his blood if he’s not a weakling with litany of defects. Like the lunatics, Obi and his goons always seek for trouble where there’s none, hoping to get the attention of everyone.


Baring his claims of leaving #75 Billion in the Bank for his successor which has become obsolete and more like an anthem to his e- rabbits, what else are the other achievements of Peter Obi in Anambra State.



I have followed the trend of the baseless feud between Peter Obi, his goons and the less interested Governor Willie Obiano and the rest of us on the APGA divide, all we read and hear every now and then are; Money Obi left in the Bank for Willie Obiano – and I have asked, aside this boring poem of money left in the bank, what else did Obi achieved as Governor of Anambra State? I’m just being curious.


Governor Willie Obiano has CONSTRUCTED OVER SEVEN (7) BRIDGES WHICH INCLUDES THE LONGEST BRIDGE IN SOUTH EASTERN NIGERIA, THE IYIORA ANAM BRIDGE AND COMPLEMENTED SAME WITH NOT LESS THAN ONE THOUSAND KILOMETERS (1,000 km) OF ROADS IN THE STATE and the total re-branding of Awka to a real capital territory and a smart city in competition with Lagos State. I have toured across Awka to see the legacy projects of Peter Obi which he may have conceived and completed for him to have the surplus he claimed he saved in the bank for Willie Obiano.


In my native Ogbunike community, Obi did not build any project nor construct a quarter meter of Road in his eight (8) years as Governor, even when my community host popular markets like the Building Materials and Bakery/Flour markets which contributes hugely to the Revenue of the State and an adjoining area to Onitsha & Nkpor, Obi didn’t deem it necessary to give Ogbunike any project at all, yet he claims to have saved money in the bank.


There are other communities in the State that got nothing from Peter Obi’s analogue administration, I wonder why he went to save when he couldn’t even approach the infrastructural and Security issues in the Anambra State to an extent.



Other achievements of Peter Obi in the State were the killing of innocent Igbo youths with the help of SARS and the military because of their affiliation with MASSOB; under Obi’s tenure as Governor, we witnessed the most cruel and heart wrenching massacre of Igbo youths, till date he is still walking a free man amidst this evil meted out on the poor.


It’s safe for one to recognize that Obi only achievement in Anambra State till date, is bankrolling the media houses and and other pen assassins to berate those who summons the courage to question his inordinate desire and ill quest.


Governor Willie Obiano aside building projects across the One Hundred & Eighty (180) Communities of the State through the COMMUNITY CHOOSE YOUR PROJECT SCHEME, will later this Year commission Treble Signature projects which are:

(1) The Anambra City Airport (Cargo & Passengers)
(2) State of the art International Conference Centre
(3) Awka City Stadium (FIFA Standard)



Whilst Peter still massages his ego with an accounting gimmicks of 75 Billion Naira, Obiano is blazing the trail.


Lastly, I will leave Obi’s E- rabbits with the quotes of Albert Einstein: “Weak people revenge, Strong people forgive, But Intelligent People Ignore. Governor Willie Obiano will always ignore the distractions of Mr. Peter Obi and his over fed E- rabbits.



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