Woman uses period blood as face mask for ‘skin rejuvenation’

‘I want every woman to feel it’ says a woman who left viewers horrified when she put period blood on her face for her own brand of skin rejuvenation.


Derya, 23, runs a healing centre in Costa Rica to offer mentorships for people who wish to “heal trauma and activate their ancestral wisdom”.

She also shares on TikTok her day-to-day routine living in the retreat – including one uncommon skincare practice.


In the video, Derya dips her fingers in a menstrual cup and smears what appears to be period blood onto her face.


“Yes this is your sign – go do it now,” she tells her viewers.

Women were shocked and refused to believe that she was using her blood as face mask.

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“Please tell me it’s crushed cherries or something,” one begged.


Another wrote: “The smell! How can you handle the smell?”

Woman uses period blood as face mask for 'skin rejuvenation'
Woman uses period blood as face mask for ‘skin rejuvenation’

A third: “Couldn’t stop throwing up since watching.”

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“That’s organ lining that you put on your face,” a fourth added. “Period blood is literally the body’s waste, so it definitely isn’t good for our skin.”


Others called it “gross” as they said it’s the “most disgusting thing” after the controversial vabbing trend, where women use body discharge as perfume.


Responding to the viewers’ comments, Derya said in another video: “I am the girl with period blood on the face. Yes.


“Because it’s my own blood and it’s really good for my skin. Take a look at it.”

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Some who also follow the same skincare routine said they enjoyed the “DIY facial”.


One said: “Yes it repairs stem cells! It’s been used as a beauty remedy for millions of years and for growing plants!


“It has a lot of benefits like how it helps plants row and it has stem cells and electrolytes. Tones of benefits.”


A second said smearing period blood on skin is “better” than putting chemicals on the face.

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