Women – Evils of Late Marriage (Opinion)

Women - Evils of Late Marriage
Lonely Woman, a Oil on Canvas by Fatih Aslan from United Kingdom. It portrays: Women, relevant to: beautiful, rocks, sea, waves, women, alone, lady, emotionaly, lonely This painting shows a woman standing behind the rocks staring at the sea ahead. Someone who looks at the painting will find themselves feeling thoughtful and wondering what the woman is thinking about.Also this painting comes with specially frame
Lonely Woman, a Oil on Canvas by Fatih Aslan from United Kingdom

Women – Evils of Late Marriage: Medically, a lady is mature as soon as menstruation starts. Most women start menstruation by the age of 11,12,13, 14 up to 18years. If any lady fails to menstruate by the age of 18, that’s abnormality. It is a disease; We should take note. But 11 to 18years is still acceptable.


Now, what we mean by menstruation is that every month, every lady will release an egg from the ”ovary ”. An ovary is a house of eggs in a woman; the eggs that become baby in the future and the number of eggs in the ovary is limited; it cannot be increased. So every month when a lady starts to menstruate, an egg is released. Once a lady/woman releases an egg, it is menstruation. And once that egg waits for like 72hours in any woman’s reproductive system and there is no sperm to fertilise it, it comes along with menstrual blood; so it is wasted, but that is minus one from the counts in the ovary. So if you now start counting, it that means a lady loses eggs from the age of 11 like that… 12eggs in a year, another year another loss, another 12eggs and so on.


The pattern of eggs in a woman are in three phases, just like any fruit passes through 3 phases: 1st phase – Unripe phase, not good to eat. 2nd phase – Ripe phase very good to eat, best time to eat. 3rd phase – bad phase. This is similar to the phases of eggs that will be released in any woman as she develops. We have some eggs that will be released in a woman in the first phase. It is the time when a woman starts to menstruate up to 18years, so from 11 to 18years is the first phase of eggs.


These are the eggs that can be liken to unripe eggs like unripe fruit. Once a woman reaches age of 18, this is second phase of eggs. That second phase is between 18 and 24years. These are the best form of eggs that a woman releases in her life. They are best in quality; they are best in fertility potential, best in everything you can be think of. Those are the best eggs. They are such that when any sperms hit them they become fertilised and develop baby immediately. They don’t fail because they are very good.


So the third phase is the last stage at age 24 and above. This is when the bad eggs will be coming up. So it is a consensus that if any woman wants to be very fertile in her life, the best time to start that fertility period and doesn’t want to stress herself go around before she conceives is between the ages of 18 and 24. So marriage in that age range is acceptable worldwide.


Dear sisters of 24years upward are facing risk of infertility. I am not saying that every lady of age 24 will necessarily face risk of infertility but majority of infertility cases is common among those who are over 25years. You would rarely find someone who marries within 18 and 24years facing infertility problem except if she has done abortions, uses contraceptives or something similar. But ordinarily and naturally, they are not likely to suffer infertility. So that is the position of age.


There was a programme on NTA nationwide in Nigeria sometimes ago. Their discussion was based on health and the topic was: ”The reason why infertility is increasing in Nigeria”.


Three foreign doctors from England were invited who specialised on the treatment of infertility and one was invited from Nigeria. Those foreign doctors have been practicing in Nigeria for long. They had experienced so many cases of infertility like that but not a single Muslim was from amongst those involved.


At the end of the programme, they all concluded that the most common reason why infertility is increasing in Nigeria is that most ladies/women in Nigeria don’t marry at the right/normal time. They marry very late at the age of 25 and above. They said they suspected the cause of infertility to be late marriage owing to fact that most parents insist their children must complete their education before getting married. They therefore advised the public to avoid toying with the future of their children and that it is better to let them get married while in school when they are in best age range to produce so as not to face the risk of infertility than to delay them till when their fertility potential will be low.


This is a confusion for non-muslims. Dear sisters don’t put yourself in unnecessary risk. Don’t allow yourself to fall into infertility problem. A lot of people are in it today many of whom lose their Eeman because they are looking for ways to bear children in their life. Some with full hijab/niqab remove it and later go to church, alfa onijalabi/babalawo, herbalist place. Some go to Osun Osogbo and many other places of Shirk; the places that can never earn them any good. May ALLAH not try you with infertility problem. Dear sisters don’t put yourself in unnecessary trial.


 This is the consequence of marrying lately.


Another dangerous effect of late marriage on our health particularly we ladies/women is the problem of FIBROID. You might have heard about fibroid. One of the major reasons why women/ladies have fibroid is simply because they don’t get pregnant very early. If your womb is empty for long, fibroid would begin to grow. That is the rule. If a woman’s womb is empty for long and she’s above 24, 25, 26years without pregnancy, instead of her womb to be empty, naturally fibroid will begin to grow.
Many women usually complain of ”oyun iju” in Yoruba. It is nothing but fibroid. That is why you find most cases of fibroid among ladies/women that are more than 25years of age.


You would observe that most women who have fibroid use local and traditional medicines to solve the problem but to no avail. The most reliable treatment for fibroid is to remove/operate it. If not, it can cause infertility for many reasons; it can block where the tube join with the womb. It may not allow the sperm reach the womb. Fibroid may be embedded within the uterus such that any pregnancy that’s about to occur attaches to the womb and sit to the fibroid. And the fibroid pushes them out.


So there are many ways fibroid can cause problem. But what leads to fibroid is when you delay getting pregnant on time and not only that, the problem of breast cancer is another reason why late marriage is very dangerous. I pray ALLAH will not inflict anyone of us with breast cancer. It is a very deadly disease; it doesn’t have cure because it has four stages: stages 1,2,3 & 4. As it is usually said medically, stage one and two are curable and the cure for it is that it will be removed. The breast is not a matter of drug; they will remove the breast but stage 3 and 4 even if the breast is removed doesn’t make any difference. So many women have the tendency because breast cancer is hereditary; there are some chromosomes in the body from genetic materials within the system that can make somebody prone to breast cancer in the future.


So early marriage has been found to be a very potent preventive measure against breast cancer. For the benefit of doubt, this can be confirmed from any medical doctor or search the internet. What I am saying is authentic as much as possible. Today, it is agreed in the medical world that early marriage is a potential preventive measure against breast cancer and there are many wonderful explanations to it.


1- There is an hormone called oestrogen in the reproductive system of a woman. This hormone is responsible for menstruation. if it attacks the breast of any woman that has the tendency to develop breast cancer, the cancer starts to grow. It is the hormone that stimulates the growth of that cancer but if she doesn’t has the tendency, the hormone will not do anything to her breast which nobody knows except ALLAH. Nobody knows if she has the tendency or not..

The only technology now in use is called mammography breast screening. The breast is examined if cancer is likely to grow in it. But it cannot see if there is tendency for its development in a woman. So if anybody has the tendency of breast cancer, it is the hormone that stimulates it. As it attacks the breast it starts to grow breast cancer. We now understand that the only way this breast cancer can be prevented from growing is to create a situation for that woman where she has no oestrogen in her system.

But there is no injection to suppress that oestrogen so we must find a natural way of making her free of oestrogen. The analysis now is that since oestrogen is responsible for menstruation, if there is no menstruation there can no be oestrogen. So, what are the


Natural ways by which a Woman may not Menstruate? 
The first one is pregnancy. If a woman is pregnant for nine months, she will not menstruate. If any woman says she’s pregnant and at the same time menstruating, then that is not possible but to a layman. In the medical field, it is not possible because they work with science; they read things with science but if it happens that a woman is pregnant and at the same time menstruate, that means the pregnancy is trying to get aborted. So it gets threatened this month and stops next month. When this occurs, people count it as menstruation but it is never a menstruation now for 9months.
During pregnancy the oestrogen will not occur in a woman; that is the first natural measure. For nine months the woman will be free of oestrogen.

Secondly, another natural way that a woman will be free of oestrogen is breastfeeding particularly if she breastfeeds during the night. There are so many cases where a woman breastfeed for 1 and a half year above and was not menstruating at all. It depends on how serious the woman breastfeeds. If she’s very aggressive in breastfeeding for 2years, she may not menstruate. That means for that two years, the woman will be free of oestrogen.


This is the formula: 
Let her get married as early as possible – 18 to lately 24years – that kind of lady will be very fertile. She is likely to get pregnant at that particularly period. Let’s assume she got pregnant at that particularly period for nine months; she will be free of oestrogen after nine months immediately she delivers, she start breastfeeding let’s say for two years, she will be also free of oestrogen so, that is 3years. She will be free of oestrogen. Before another 3years she got another pregnant, is that not a formula? Now another pregnant for 9 months, she is free of oestrogen. Another 2years for breastfeeding she is free of oestrogen. Before another 2years she got another pregnant and she is not a type of lady that says “four children is enough for my family”. She believes in the ideology of Islam that says Muslims should have many children as our Prophet (may peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) advised: ”get married to women that you will love and that will produce many children”.

They will be very prolific in terms of fertilization. If a women believes in that, it means every three years she is having children and she continue like that may be 6, 7 or 8 children before the completion of that 8 children, she will have approached menopause.


After menopause, no more oestrogen. Which religion preaches the best formula? The only religion that preaches early marriage is Islam. Which religion preaches breastfeeding for 2years? Isn’t it Islam? Which religion preaches having many children? Of course it is only Islam. Allahu Akbar!


So, let’s put Islam first in whatever we do before any other thing. It is unfortunate that most of our parents and ladies/women follow the western culture. May ALLAH be with us and guide us rightly.


Akinlabi A. H

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