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Piers Morgan comes for Boris Johnson’s hair, compares it to Worzel Gummidge

Worzel Gummidge: Piers Morgan comes for Boris Johnson's hair

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Piers Morgan sparks fury as he comes for Boris Johnson’s hair by comparing it to Worzel Gummidge on Good Morning Britain


Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan is an English broadcaster, journalist, writer, and television personality. He is currently a co-presenter of the ITV Breakfast programme Good Morning Britain from Monday to Wednesday each week.


On this episode, the presenter took issue with the Prime Minister’s appearance after his address to the nation last night.


While Boris Johnson urged Black Lives Matter protesters to demonstrate peacefully, Piers questioned why no one had given the PM’s hair a trim.


He further compared Boris Johnson to Worzel Gummidge – a character from a children’s TV show in the 70s.


The presenter said: “What is going on with the Prime Minister’s hair? I know it may seem trivial, but the rest of us, our wives, our partners, people we’re with bothered to get the scissors out and give us a trim.”


“I think the Prime Minister coming out like Worzel Gummidge – and I was told by ‘sources close to the Prime Minister’ last night that he hasn’t seen a barber since early March, he has really fine hair and using a brush doesn’t really tame it. It’s not disrespectful, it’s because hair dressers aren’t open until July.”


“But someone in that house must be able to trim it, Carrie? Carrie Symonds [the Prime Minister’s partner] can she do it?”


Susanna defended Carrie, who gave birth to the Prime Minister’s child early this year: “Well Carrie’s a little distracted at the moment.”


Piers doubled down, saying: “I don’t want the Prime Minister of the country to resemble Worzel Gummidge. And I don’t really buy into the thin hair brushing thing.”


“Because when he bothers to brush it, it looks quite kempt. And then some days he can’t be bothered. I’ve actually seen him at parties deliberately ruffling to create the Boris look. I think it’s disrespectful.”

“You wouldn’t see any other world leaders come out looking like Worzel Gummidge.”

Piers Morgan comes for Boris Johnson's hair, compares it to Worzel Gummidge

However, views of the show were furious with Piers, with people labelling him ‘disrespectful’.


One person said: “Oh come on Piers Morgan, you have been so much better during this crisis than the Piers who kicks off over vegan slices – even dumped Trump. Don’t make such a big deal about Bojo’s hair. If it was cut, he would be accused of seeing a barber during lockdown. @piersmorgan #GMB”


Another added: “Nah sorry @GMB slagging off the #PrimeMinister is a low! Report news not what #PiersMorgan ideology of how he should be looking, it’s rather pathetic really #GMB”


A third said: “@piersmorgan #GMB Oh for goodness sake you are scraping the barrel now with your comnent about Boris’ hair. He was talking about a serious issue and instead of agreeing with him you moan about his hair REALLY !! Get a grip man”

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