Yabatech Matriculation: Congress call for sustainable culture

Yabatech Students’ Congress, a formidable pro student based structure set up as an alternative to function in place of the 3-year old proscribed Student Union Government uses the medium to welcome all matriculating students to the cradle of higher education in Nigeria, the Yaba College of Technology.

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YABATECH as the College is popularly known was established in 1947 as an immediate successor to Yaba Higher College. It attained autonomous status in 1969 by virtue of Decree 23 which granted it the mandate to provide full-time and part-time courses of instruction and training in technology, applied science, commerce and management.

While we can say very little about how well the 71 year old College has fared in terms of fulfilling and achieving the vision and mission statements of her founding fathers, as a result of the co-ordinated neo-liberal attacks on the education and standard of living of the Nigerian citizenry by the State, it is very necessary for us to address the pool of freshmen to be indoctrinated into the Yabatech community today.

Yabatech, as you already know is plagued with a plethora of challenges which we can not exhaust in the scope of this address. It is only becomes imperative for us as students to begin to look closely, organize tactically and do what must be done to address these issues other than just agonizing and acting like we do not care.

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With our Students’ Union proscribed some three years ago by the management for reasons best known to them, we have fearlessly organized ourselves under the umbrella of Congress in accordance with every relevant section of the Nigerian Constitution and other human rights charter to dialogue, demand, engage and confront the College leadership as a way of seeking redress to every anti-student policy, questioning every strange development and intellectually proffering workable solutions to every quagmire we are being faced with as students.
For this just course, we implore all fresh students of the College to begin to identify with the Congress, as we are all out to build and sustain intellectual and radical structures that would be worthy of leading the struggle for a better Yabatech
Our collective survival-dependent interests are singular, and they cut across board irrespective of study mode (part time/full time) or level (HND/ND), we must therefore hold our centre, define our agenda with deep rooted pro students’ ideology, organize and demand that our needs be met forthwith.
The Congress is open to all and sundry. Your right to associate freely and belong is morally right and absolutely legal.
As we come up with varieties of enlightening programmes to further broaden our horizon as a Congress, we call for a mass based participation.
We also use this avenue to advise all fresher’s to shun all acts of cultism and other related tendencies. The Congress would be a better platform to channel every aggression, and convert same into positive energy beneficial to our College.

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We wish you a successful academic sojourn in all of your years in the College!
Congratulations on your matriculation
Yabatech Students’ Congress
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