Yartti Lays the Template of ‘Afroculture’ in New Single – Ben Dover

Yartti Lays the Template of ‘Afroculture’ in New Single - Ben Dover

YARTTI has just released a new, self-produced single, titled Ben Dover.


Ben Dover comes after several years of YARTTI learning to hone his ability to combine elements he has obtained from various music genres including but not limited to Highlife music, Afrobeats, Jazz, Dancehall, Regga, Soul music, Hip Hop, and Funk into a simple track on which he lays his vocals.


YARTTIstarted out as a music producer but is now comfortable in his songwriting and performance skin, and right now, after the release of Ben Dover, he is prepared to go on a world mission to take his sound which he describes as ‘Afroculture’ to every corner of the planet and beyond.

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With Ben Dover, it is expected that YARTTI cements his name in the minds of his listeners, simultaneously positioning himself for collaborations and commissions.


BenDover is a song in which mellow harmonies are sung on bouncy baselines. YARTTI’s vocals on the track are careful, gentle and alluring as he lyrically summons anyone who listens to bend over and move their body to the bounce.

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