Yoruba Baby Names by Traditional Family Linage

The Yoruba people (Yoruba: Ìran Yorùbá, Ọmọ Odùduwà, Ọmọ Káàárọ̀-oòjíire) are a West African ethnic group that mainly inhabit parts of Nigeria, Benin and Togo. The areas of these countries primarily inhabited by Yorubas are often collectively referred to as Yorubaland.


The naming ceremony is traditionally done within a week after the birth of the child. In some regions of Nigeria it is done in two stages, the first stage is divination to insure the baby is healthy and will continue to mature. The second stage is a rite of passage honoring the arrival of an ancestor who has been reborn including divination on the child’s destiny in this reincarnation.


These names serves as referral in ‘special times’. The name is used as medicine when the child is sick and the name is usually selected from one of the names of the diviners.


Below are traditional baby names for family linage of of powerful diviners or gods of Yoruba land: Obatala, Yemoja, Aganju, Sango, Oya, Osun, Esu, Ogun, Osoosi and Orisa.



Oláolú – Crown of High estate.
Opéolú – Thanks to the Creator.
Odùola – Source of Honor.
Èmiola – Spirit of Honor.
Àánúoú – The Mercy of the Creator.
Agbolá – Circle of Honor.
Èbùn – Gift of the Creator
Àárinolá – The Center of Honor.
Babalolá – Father is the Source of Honor.
Oládèjo – Honors become eight.
Oládiméji – Honors become two.
Olúsolá – The Creator Elevates.
Olúsàánú – The Creator brings Mercy.
Odunéye – Diviners have dignity.
Olúwolé – The Creators comes to the house.
Olúfúnláyò – The Creator gave me joy.
Sólànké – Give birth to a seer.
Olayínká – Honor surrounds me.
Olùtóyìn – The Creator is enough to praise.
Alálàádé – Here comes the one in white.
Olóládé – Here comes the honorable one.
Olúfémi – The Creator loves me.
Olátundé – Honor is born again.
Olánipèkun – Elevation has no limit.



Oláiya – The Gorious Inflence of the Mothers.
Soléye – Seers have dignity.
Olúsànyà – The Creator compensates for suffering.
Omítókí – Water is enough to praise.
Omíkúnlé – Water fills my house.
Omítólá – Water is enough for honor.
Omísadé – Water made a crown.
Omísoore – Water did a kind deed.

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Akínyelé – A valiant man confers dignity on the house.
Akínlabí – Give birth to a brave man.
Akíntúndé – The valiant man is born again.
Akíntóla – Valour is enough for honor.
Akínlàdé – The valiant man arrives safe.
Akínléye – Valour has honor.
Akíntáyò – Valour is joy.
Akíntóyè – Valour is enough of a title.
Akínkúnmi – The valient man.
Akínbólá – Valour goes well with honor.
Mákindé – Bring home the valiant man.
Onìíyìídé – Here comes the dignified one.
Adáramólá – One who is good and honorable.



Odugúwà – Divination straightens character.
Akínyemi – Valour befits me.
Sangoyomi – Sango saved me.
Sangoyemi – Sango befits me.
Sangobemi – Sango supports me.
Owólabí – Give birth to money.
Sango Oládàpò – Sango mixes honors together.
Sango Agbájé – Sango carries wealth to the throne.
Sango Folásadé – Sango makes a crown of honor.
Sangowánwá – Sango came to look for me.
Sango Akínyelé – A valiant man confers dignity on the house.
Sango Akínlabí – Give birth to a brave man.
Sango Akíntúndé – The valiant man is born again.
Sango Akíntóla – Valour is enough for honor.
Sango Akínlàdé – The valiant man arrives safe.
Sango Akínléye – Valour has honor.
Sango Akíntáyò – Valour is joy.
Sango Akíntóyè – Valour is enough of a title.
Sango Akínkúnmi – The valient man.
Sango Akínbólá – Valour goes well with honor.
Sango Mákindé – Bring home the valiant man.



Abóyadé – One who arrives with the Oya River.
Oyafowóra – Oya brings money.
Oyawoye – The Oya River assumes a title.

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Osun Oyinolá – Osun the sweetness of honor.
Osun Wúraolá – Osun the Honor of Gold.
Osun Kóladé – Osun brings honor home.
Osuntókun – Osun is as big as the Ocean.
Osuntókí – Osun is enought to praise.
Osunyadé – One who arrives with the Osun River.
Osunfúnmiláyò – Osun gives me joy.
Osunonafowókà – Osun the artist who creates abundance in her hands.
Osunbólù – Osun is worthy of praise.
Osunyemi – Osun loves me.
Osungowùwá – Osun’s art is the cream of existence
Osunkúnlé – Osun fills the house.
Osunniyi – Osun has dignity.
Osunjòya – Osun champions the cause of suffering.
Osunbunmi – Osun gave me.



Esubiyi – Esu gave birth to this one.
Esugbàyi – Esu saved this one.



Odébùnmi – The hunter gave me.
Odéjobí – Hunters gave birth to us all.
Odébíyí – A hunter gave birth to us all.
Odérìnde – The hunter walked in this place.
Odékù – There are hunters left.
Odéyalé – The hunter called in the house.
Odétólá – The hunter is enough status for me.
Odébùnmi – The hunter gave me.
Odédínà – The hunter blocked the way.
Odégbároòyé – The hunter listens to my problems.



Ogunladé – Ogun is our Crown.
Ogundèjì – Ogun becomes two.
Ogundiran – Ogun becomes hereditary.
Ogunbuyì – Ogun receives respect
Ogunsolá – Ogun does an honorable thing.
Ogunléye – Ogun has dignity.
Ogunsinà – Ogun opens the way.
Ogunlànà – Ogun cuts a path.
Ogunyemi – Ogun befits me.
Ogunyànkin – Ogun does not leave a brave person in the lurch.
Ogunlèsì – Ogun is our defense.
Ogunsèye – Ogun brought glory.
Ogunjobi – Ogun gave birth to us all.
Ogunkeye – Ogun brough dignity.
Ogunóla – Ogun with honor.
Ogundipè – Ogun substitutes for a ransom.
Ogunsinà – Ogun opened the gate.
Oguntìméhìn – Ogun backed me up.
Ogunnúgà – Ogun has a palace.
Ogungbè – Ogun is good to me.
Ogunrìndé – Ogun walked there.
Ogunbiyi – Ogun gave birth to this one.
Ogunbà – Ogun lives.
Ogunmódedé – Ogun makes the hundter arrive safe.



*These names can be used in conjunction with any of the above Orisa.

(Name of Orisa)fémi – Loves me.
(Name of Orisa)sànyà – Avenges punishment.
(Name of Orisa)jìnmi – Gave me.
(Name of Orisa)kémi – Holds me.
(Name of Orisa)yomi – Rescues me.
(Name of Orisa)yémisi – Honors me.
(Name of Orisa)káyòdé – Brought joy.
(Name of Orisa)ségun – Won a victory.
(Name of Orisa)sèye – Brought a person of dignity.
(Name of Orisa)láàánú – Has mercy.
(Name of Orisa)bùkúnola – Fills honor to the top.
(Name of Orisa)kòya – Defends against insults.
(Name of Orisa)dáre – Exonorates.
(Name of Orisa)wèmímó – Washes me clean.
(Name of Orisa)tóyè – Did this.
(Name of Orisa)mìídé – Comes to me.
(Name of Orisa)mbe – Exists.

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