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Yoruba Muslim sects and their treacherous crimes against history

Yoruba Muslim sects and their treacherous crimes against history

Yoruba Muslim sects and their treacherous crimes against history.

1) Let me admit that there are very wonderful Muslim organisations in Yorubaland.

But some of them are Jeun, Jeun. Set up to delude the people, exploit and even rob Muslims.

2) In recent times, some Yoruba Muslim organisations have been speaking up against Yoruba self determination. In this regard, I refer to MURIC and MUSEN.

These groups appear to have been set up for the purpose of exploitation of fellow Muslims.

3) The truth is that they dont speak for Muslims. They rather speak for themselves, not even for members of their close-circuit organisations.

Their opposition to Yoruba self determination is premised on lies and anti-Allah, anti-Islam propaganda that portrays them as nothing short of selfish and parochial leaders that defends horrendous crimes against fellow Muslims.

4) Let us look at their shameful and spurious claims:

a) That those leading the campaign for Yoruba self determination are not Muslims–Liars-Irresponsible and spineless lies. Facts prove them wrong: Gani Adams is a Muslim; OPC New Era is led by a Muslim, Rasaq Arogundade; OPC of late Dr Faseun is now led by another Muslim, Taofik Adeyemi; founding leader of Oodua Liberation Movement,(OLM) Yaqub Obadofin is a Muslim, Leader of United Peoples Self Determination Organisations, USEPO, Alhaji Tunde Abioye is a Muslim; Yoruba One Voice based in UK is led by a Muslim; Coalition of Oodua Self Determination Groups, COSEG which has many affiliate groups is led by Abdulrasaq Olokooba, a Muslim; there are three Agbekoya groups. Two of them are led by Muslims. Apapo Oodua Koya, AOKOYA, according to one of its officials has 10 Muslims out of 17 in its Central Leadership, these groups represent at least 80 percent of the most formidable Pan Yoruba groups. So these Muslim groups are blind to reality. The more they speak, the more they look stupid and their members watch in astonishment.

b) They argue that Yoruba do not need self determination because it will not succeed. Another tissue of lies. The truth is that none of these groups has ever complained about policies that destroy and marginalise poor Muslims.

5) These are reactionary and self serving organisations that collect money from Abuja before they issue any statement.

6) During June 12 struggle, they condemned Chief MKO Abiola. These two groups supported Abacha.

Of all the bad policies, fuel and electricity tariff hikes, they kept quite while millions of Muslims suffer. They have no solution for corruption except to collect money from rogue politicians. How can a true Muslim organisation keep quite in the face of RUGA, Water Resources Bill and other atrocities against Yoruba people? How can they keep quite in the face of attacks, rape and destruction of Yoruba farmlands by Fulani herdsmen? What manner of leaders support rapacious looting and impoverishment of Yoruba people and Nigerians?

Many Muslim Yoruba hav been killed in the North East, till date, these so called Muslim leaders keep quite. This is anti-Islam. It is against Allah’ s

6)The truth is that we Muslims, especially poor and ordinary Muslims across Yorubaland have now been exposed to the reality that these groups and their leaders do not mean well. They are Vagabonds In Power ( VIP).

7) Now, the contradictions have exposed them. They can’t stop us Muslims from joining this struggle and even leading it. Nobody will listen to traitors.

Islam has revolutionary potentials and that is why over 60 percent of the fighting force of Yoruba self determination groups are Muslims. This is seen clearly even by the character of leadership of many Yoruba self determination groups.

For now, let them be deceiving themselves and be feeding on blood money as their fatherland burns.

At the fullness of time, we Muslims will be the ones that will champion the banning and dissolution of these grossly irrresponsible leaders and the organisations they use to feed fat at the expense of the poor Muslim masses.

Yusuf Abdul Adeyemi

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