Zambia Requests Assistance From Dangote

Zambia Requests Assistance From Dangote

THE Government of Zambia has appealed to Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the head of the Dangote Group and the richest man in Africa, for cooperation in order to create a fertiliser plant there in order to strengthen the nation’s agricultural industry.


When leading a delegation from Zambia to the three million metric tonnes per year Dangote Fertilizer plant in Lagos over the weekend, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Chipoka Mulenga made the request, urging the Dangote Group and the Zambian Government to work together to establish a fertiliser plant in the southern African nation.


According to a statement released yesterday by the Dangote Group, Mulenga expressed the opinion that any investment made in the production of fertilizer would not only help the nation become self-sufficient in food production but would also aid in the expansion of the economies of both Zambia and its neighbors.

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The minister noted that Zambia’s consumption of fertilizer had grown significantly over the past five years and had continued to rise, and he was pleased that Zambia no longer needed to look for investors outside of Africa.


Mulenga argued that Dangote’s involvement in cement manufacturing across Africa had changed the narratives, and that Africans are now making investments on the continent.


The minister remarked that Dangote Cement Zambia had a wonderful portfolio and was bringing significant change to the cement business, not only in the Southern African nation but also in other neighboring nations, pointing out that Dangote had already created the largest cement factory in Zambia.


He claimed that the government of Zambia had established favorable conditions and implemented incentives that might draw domestic and international investment into all spheres of the economy.


“The Zambian government made various announcements in the most recent budget that emphasize on value addition, industrialization, skill building, and development,” said Mulenga.


”We have a sizable young population that is eager to work if given the chance to contribute. We want Aliko Dangote to come and develop a facility in Zambia rather than continuing to import fertilizer from everywhere. In recent years, the nation’s consumption of fertilizer has grown significantly and is still growing.


“I am relieved that we no longer need to look for investors outside of Africa. Through his investments in cement production around Africa, Dangote has been able to alter the narratives. Africans are now making investments on the continent of Africa.


“Dangote has already built Zambia’s largest cement plant. The impressive portfolio of Dangote Cement Zambia is changing the cement business for the better not just in Zambia but also in neighboring nations.


Because of its stable political system, stable macroeconomic environment, and guarantees for investment protection, he called Zambia the new investment destination in Africa. He also noted that Zambia was strong in agriculture and was even attempting to become stronger by building its own fertilizer plant.


However, Mulenga praised Dangote for making significant investments in Nigeria’s fertiliser industry, stating, “This could only happen because the company put the right people, right leadership, right technical capabilities, and right management in place to have such a fantastic result.

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“This fertilizer facility is bringing foreign currency into the continent in addition to meeting Nigeria’s demands.


This is an excellent example of how we can make investments like this in any region of Africa, which will help it develop and help other nations.


Therefore, he pleaded with all Nigerians to support the investment’s growth from strength to strength and urged them to protect Dangote’s investments as well as other local assets in Nigeria.


We would like to make a comparable investment in Zambia because this is great, he continued.


At the conclusion of the journey, Mr. Vishwajit Sinha, Chief Executive Officer of Dangote Fertilizer Limited, stated that the demand for urea fertilizer in Nigeria and elsewhere remained strong and was anticipated to increase.


According to him, Nigeria would become self-sufficient in fertiliser production thanks to the $2.5 billion fertilizer complex, with any excess being exported to other African nations and the rest of the world.


The primary objectives of Dangote Fertilizer have always been to meet the rising domestic market demand for fertilizers in Nigeria and to work toward bringing about a “green revolution” that will help to secure Nigeria’s food supply. After serving the home market, the extra produce is exported, he continued.


According to Sinha, Dangote Fertilizer is well-positioned to benefit from federal policy that emphasizes agriculture as one of the cornerstones to the diversification of the Nigerian economy.


“Food consumption is changing as the population grows. Agriculture development, which is the best type of inclusive development, is correlated with economic growth in many nations.


“For all the nations I have seen, I can clearly see Nigeria’s potential for agriculture along the full value chain, from the field to the kitchen.


“Dangote Fertilizer has the power to change the entire continent of Africa. It will undoubtedly benefit the nation much, he continued.


By creating both direct and indirect jobs, Sinha said that Dangote Fertilizer Plant would not only improve Nigeria’s food security but also significantly lower the rate of unemployment and young unrest in the nation

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