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There's no way Omisore could have supported PDP. No way whatsoever.

Apart from the fact that the Adeleke family has done more harm to Omisore's endeavour  than good, the quality of the candidate PDP were bringing forth is also repugnant. Omisore and Oyetola have engaged in a serious economic and policy- based arguments at different debates before the election, a pointer that Oyetola knows what governance is all about. In all these, Adeleke absconded from all avenue to discuss his plans and understanding of governance with the public. 

Lest we are forgetful, PDP has failed Osun civil servants, pensioners and masses in the time past too . A quick check on the Olagunsoye Oyinlola's regime that had to force himself down on the people upon his colossal failure in his first tenure. The sad memory of teachers' strike that almost crumble my preparation for WAEC in those days is still very fresh upstairs. This isn't a justification for APC underperformance under Aregbesola's rule, it's rather an establishment that both PDP and APC that sought Omisore's support for the rerun election have had their names on the bitter side of the masses. None of them is angelic.

In that case, staying neutral would be the most offensive crime Omisore would have commited against humanity. Such incongruous silence would have  left  the 128, 000 voters that believes in Omisore to jeopardy. The personality and personal competence of the standard bearers of the two parties then become a subject of discussion. Omisore has made a laudable decision by aligning with a MBA holder that has captained an industry successfully with relevance administrative skills rather than a spoilt brat who failed to harness his wealthy background to afford himself a sound and elitist education needed to be relevant in this modern day.

Furthermore, Oyetola has agenda, blue-prints and plans to correct some anomalies in Aregbe's term whereas Adeleke has none that I know of. Let's not forget that it's not impossible for a successor to question his predecessors on ideological and policy ground. Let's not forget that some APC governed state are shining bright in terms of performance and good governance - Lagos, Imo, Ogun etc are case studies. So, it's not enough to condemn APC in totality because of Aregbesola's method of governance.

Finally, Omisore presented his 5 pillars of good governance agenda to the two political parties for compliance in the interest of Osun people. APC returned and reasoned along with him, which later lead to an MOU that would necessitate immediate payment of workers and pensioners salaries and arrears, reverse of some failed academic policies of Aregbesola among other SDP  good governance agenda. Meanwhile, PDP through the senate president promised to get back within 24 hours which they never did. What then shall we say? Shall we make an assumption of compliance with our good governance pillars for PDP without there consents? Never!

In his large democratic heart, Omisore consulted all the leaders and members of the SDP across Osun State on which party they would love to work with as regards the rerun and they unanimously opted for APC, claiming that PDP under the leadership of Adeleke can't be trusted for good governance as the affairs of the party is more or less a family affairs than party affairs as expected. It would be unsafe for Osun State government to land in the hand of the desperate business mafias that would turn the economy of the state to part of their business empire.

Omisore Promised to use the avenue of this new coalition with APC to effect positive changes that would benefit Osun masses on a short and long term basis.

I beseech all the supporters of Omisore home and abroad to stay calm as this would later be avenue for him (Omisore)  to restore normalcy to Osun sate despite loosing the election.

Yours in struggle,

Ijiwole Ijiyinka JK
A fanatical supporter of Omisore's Restoration Agenda

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