How to Advertise with GBETU

To advertise on our website – GBETU , advertising on our platform is easy to understand and utilize in reaching your target audience.



We have 217, 000 unique visitors and 1.2m monthly views, which increases daily.



we have 4k+ Instagram real human fans

we have 1.3m+ Monthly views/Engagement and over 1.8m Impressions on Pinterest and 3k+ real  followers.

we have 1k+ Linkedin real followers

we have 6k+ real followers on Twitter
we have 11k+ Facebook Followers on page and group.

we have 5000+ push notification subscribers

and 4000+ email subscribers has an average reading time is 1m 33s with 5-6 Pages/Session (the average number of pages viewed everytime a person opens a page).


Traffic Rate:

We get –

Direct Traffic of 55.45%

Referral Traffic of 38.99% and

Organic Traffic of 5.56% – (150, 000+ from search engine alone)



For Advert placement 

Email: [email protected] 

or via any of our accessible social pages.

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One thought on “How to Advertise with GBETU

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