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Friday, 21 August 2015

Credo Music: "Ajanlekoko" by Ajanlekoko produced by Jayhem

Have you listened to a Credo music before!

"Credo music means music that teach us to do the right thing, entertain us and make us believe that everything is possible through God."

Here is one from "Ajanlekoko"; done with very deep Pidgin-English, English and Yoruba mixture and produced by humble "Jayhem" and Mr Paul.

The single also titled "Ajanlekoko" meaning "the great support", is his first single.

It can be played by anyone from any tribe.


Adenekan Oladapo (Born 27th of November 1986) popularly known by his stage name “AJANLEKOKO” is a Nigerian singer, Song writer, Recording Artiste and Stage Performer.

This Credo music artiste is from Ogun State. He started singing at the age of 12.

This, "Ajanlekoko, is one out of his twelve songs and is currently working on the video as well as his first album.

He is a very talented musician who believes in creativity and innovation

Quick Gist

Ajanlekoko as a Yoruba word:

Dog pursuing Hyena.

Hyena,  a very wicked animal is more powerful than dog!

There must be a reason for a dog that!

Moral Lesson

If God could grant dog the grace to pursue Hyena that means it is very possible for human being on earth to overcome his or her challenges because, with God all things are possible!

And with your finger   CLICK to download.

You need to hear this!

They can kill your body but not your soul.

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