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Friday, 25 March 2016

Yabatech Student Laments about his  Big Head!


Every now and then, my head has remained   sacrosanct as the topic of discussion among people and things! Due to its magnitude, I tend to sit for Jamb Oral Based examination on daily basis.

Mere looking at it again from above, you will then sympathize with me the kind of questions I often attempt.

As at the last Jamb question 1, "Paul, why is your head as big as Zuma Rock? Since I couldn't hear the question at a go, the examiner then recalled; "Paul, this your head is like a Mount Zion that can never be moved. What is the secret behind it?mThis time around I picked option B as my final answer to the relative questions.

Section C: Having been so late, living for my SIWES office, I alight underneath Ketu overhead bridge. Where I stood trying to cross and locate my route, a yellow bus and a Toyota Camry car collided. All in the sake of staring majestically at my shinning head. To save my head from the damages, I quickly  crossed to the other side of the road.
All I could hear echoed; "my car, my car".

Please imagine "my head". Isn't it a huge blessing?


Fadaka Loves You!
Shoutout to Paul Ode.

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