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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

O dear! Nicky has no time for jokes! #Marieclaire November Issue

Nicky has no time for jokes as she states this cleverly and clearly on the new edition of Marie Claire Magazine.

This edition presents Nicky as a boss lady which she is leaving us to a boldly written statement Nicki Minaj is here to slay.

Another scene of photos in the magazine shows Nicky stepping on one man while sitting on the other.
If this is her sign of superiority on men then its something to be looked into. Could this be the same reason she has no stable man.

Or was she trying to explain better here? 

If not then what does she mean by "...you need no man on this planet at all"?

Models: @ninagarcia
Photographer @kaizfeng s
Styled by @edmondalison
Mag @marieclairemag 

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